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City Lights – Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Art Print


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I crossed over the beautiful and famous Brooklyn Bridge several times during my short stay in New York City, but the most memorable is probably the night my friends and I crossed over in the late afternoon to see the Manhattan skyline at dusk. Truly an amazing view seeing that urban jungle lit up against a dusk blue sky, isn’t it?

I’m especially fond of the stunning lights on the Brooklyn Bridge stretching across the right half of this picture. This photo and the memories that go with it are definitely etched on my brain. And it’s also at night that one is really reminded just how large New York City is. Manhattan, pictured here, is just a portion of the city and it looks vast all on its own in this photo. New York City is truly a stunning world class city.

When you’re in Manhattan, it’s easy to forget just how big it really is. It’s almost a situation of missing the forest for the trees. Buried in the midst of all those highrises, one forgets how huge it really is, but crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to see the lights of Manhattan really brings home how massive the city really is.

This print is a dusk view, the sky runs the gamut from darkness to dusk blue just over the skyline. You can see the lights of Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn Bridge and their reflections in the East River. It’s really an amazing sight and only a portion of New York City. For instance, I’m standing with one of those five boroughs immediately to my back, Brooklyn.

Have you stood on the shores of Brooklyn to see the city lights come alive? If you have, I bet this print brings back memories of how amazing it was, eh?


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