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East River Ferry Terminals And The Manhattan Skyline Art Print


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Pictured here is the the East River side of Lower Manhattan where the south ferry terminals are. This is the part of Manhattan where you’d leave by ferry for Staten Island and Governor’s Island. The two ferry terminals at the front of the waterfront are the Beaux-Arts style Battery Maritime Building and the modern Whitehall Ferry Terminal.

As an added bonus, I even managed to catch a boat crossing the scene for foreground interest! It all comes together to really capture the waterfront vibe of lower Manhattan, a dense cityscape that almost seems to rise out of the water.

Even though I took this photo, I still look at the Manhattan skyline in this print and it feels like CGI to me. I think, and maybe this betrays my small town origins, that it’s just hard for the mind to comprehend this urban jungle of skyscrapers as being anything remotely real. The density and scale of Manhattan architecture is just awe inspiring.

It’s funny how long I had put off visiting New York City. I flew over a few times even made connections at the local airports, but it was only the chance to meet up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile that finally got me to visit and now I’m truly sorry it took me so long to check out NYC! I’m not sure I’m made for a city this big but it is truly a world class city and I could spend ages documenting it’s beautiful skyline alone and not get tired.

But it’s the waterfront that I most connected with. I love that you are never really far from the water. People still take the ferry with some matter of a routine nature and the city is very much connected to the East River and New York Harbor. It’s still a city connected to the sea.


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