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New York City’s Iconic Flatiron Building – Manhattan Art Print


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Having seen the Flatiron Buildings in both Atlanta and Asheville, I knew I had to see the most famous one of them all, the Flatiron in New York City! The Flatiron is definitely one of those buildings that I would re-visit again and again if I lived nearby. As it was, my time in NYC was short and I made the most of it. I spent a good deal of time roaming the vicinity of the Flatiron Building looking for the best angle to use given the available light and conditions.

Of my handful of pictures from that brief time, my favorite was this one. There was something humanizing about the traffic and the people trotting across the crosswalk that grounded this picture for me. It made this Flatiron picture as much about the streets of Manhattan as the iconic architecture that stands  on those streets.

The Flatiron is a highly recognizable building completed in 1902. It was designed by Chicago architect, Daniel Burnham. The Flatiron differs in architectural style from it’s contemporaries. The style was unique for its period and has long since become a landmark building. It’s also been featured in movies, such as the site of the famous Daily Bugle in the Spider-Man movies! Yes, I am just geeky enough to know that piece of trivia. And perhaps the comic book connection is what made me want to do this as graphic art rather than a photo? Whatever the cause, this has been one of my more popular New York City prints over the years.

Whether collectors are fond of the architecture or have a geeky nature like me, this one has been a popular choice among my New York City art prints. It must either speak to people who love the Big Apple or perhaps those who just love landmark architecture? Which brings you here?


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