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Moon Over The Manhattan Skyline – NYC Art


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This particular print of the Manhattan Skyline is a pleasing work of fantasy. My vibrant Moon Over Manhattan is based on one of my New York City skyline photos. It was captured at dusk near the famous Brooklyn Bridge. That old landmark suspension bridge I have to say, looks just brilliant in this night time photo with its lights appearing like twinkling stars from the long exposure! And it also creates a great bridge in the artistic sense guiding the viewers eyes from the emerald green waters of the foreground to the golden lights of the city skyline in the distance.

The low hanging moon and the deep blue star filled sky over the Manhattan skyline are my own artistic additions along with a good deal of texture work which takes this print to a whole new level. The feel I was going for in this image was much like an illustration or perhaps part of a large piece of theater scenery for a New York Broadway production! In that I think I have succeeded in making something that surpasses the parts that made it. Doesn’t it look have a dramatic and fanciful feeling?

I have had a lot of good feedback about my starry night over the Manhattan skyline. It’s definitely an attention grabbing piece of artwork that speaks of a dreamier side of New York City. I’ve had more than a few people compare this picture to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Not a comparison I take lightly! It’s definitely a fun piece whether you’ve stood and gazed at Manhattan from across the East River or simply have a penchant for fantasy. I guess I fall into both groups, how about you?


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