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Windows On Manhattan – Architectural Art Print


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It’s architectural photos like this one of windows at night on the streets of Manhattan that I often have the hardest time describing. As a matter of fact this image is so abstract and detailed oriented that I can’t even add details like the name of the building or where in Manhattan you’d find it. But maybe this is such a universal architectural piece that most viewers are going to be far and away more concerned with how it makes them feel rather than directly representing a place they’ve seen or been?

Of all the bus rides I took through New York City on my trip there, it was the night tour of the City Lights that I remember most fondly. There is definitely something magical at night about that city!

And that’s how I came to have this photo. I looked up at one point when we were stopped for a traffic light and I saw these rows of uniform windows reaching up the side of a building. I loved the repeating pattern and that some windows were dark while others had a nice warm glow of light, sort of symbolic of pattern and chaos at once! I literally leaned over the edge of the bus backwards to frame this particular view and though it could be any wall in any city, I think somehow the magic of New York shines through in this print.

I’ve treated the final image with textures. While I loved the light and color of the image and preserved that, I wanted the architectural details of those windows to leap out at the viewer in a more striking pattern.


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