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Times Square At Night – NYC Art


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There’s simply a magic to the streets surrounding Times Square at night. The color and the lights and the crowds…. it’s simply hard to describe the constant stimulus to the senses. Times Square at night is akin to a visual kaleidoscope or a free ticket to the circus! For anyone who likes to people watch or get lost in the crowd, this is the place to do it.

This Times Square art print is based off photos from my first night wandering through Times Square after dark with friends. And it very much highlights that sense of the first time seeing the lights of Broadway and Times Square looming larger than life into the skies surrounding you. I keep searching for words to properly describe the way it feels but this NYC artwork is the best I can do at describing it, yellow taxi cabs and crowds and the glitter of the lights! It’s the kind of place I could and have spent hours in.

I’ve wandered in Times Square during the day time too, and the crowds and the cars and the lights and sound are all still there. And it’s all quite impressive – there’s no questioning that New York City is massive and amazing in its variety of life. But for me personally it’s at night the place comes to life. It’s when the magic happens, and clearly from this NYC print you can tell it’s when I was really inspired. The hum of life there is just electric and in more ways than the light bill!

Does this Times Square artwork remind you of your own night spent wandering in the beating heart of New York City? Have you also been dazzled by the glitter of the lights and the crowds? I would love it if you took a second to share what this NYC print reminds you of whether you’ve visited the Big Apple or live there!


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