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Skateboarding On The Brooklyn Bridge Art Print


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My first walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was a beautiful one. I don’t think I could have asked for a more picturesque afternoon. The golden sunlight, the great skies, it was the type of afternoon an artist might custom order.

And I guess it was also a great afternoon for skateboarding? As I stood at the edge of the boardwalk gazing across to Brooklyn, I wanted to capture people going about their day on the bridge. What I wasn’t expecting was a small crew of skateboarders that passed me.

I heard them quite before I saw them. You can imagine the repetitive sound of the wheels crossing over the boards of the bridge while they were skateboarding towards me. Rather than turning, I framed my shot and waited. I guess I wanted to be surprised, and as the first skateboarder entered the scene, I captured this moment – a fun action shot from a colorful afternoon on the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.

Sometimes my favorite images are almost entirely unplanned. When I stood there, the image was incomplete. The bridge and people on it were interesting enough, but it was missing that one final ingredient. I didn’t know what it was, but as the skateboarders appeared, they filled an empty slot. This guy gave life to the scene in a most vibrant way.

The finished print is a real dose of Americana from the landmark Brooklyn Bridge to the very sport of skateboarding. It just screams afternoon in America.


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