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Chicago Skyline At Dusk – City Lights Art Print


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When the opportunity presents itself, I love the chance to capture images like this Chicago Skyline print. The sight of city lights rising up against dusk skies is just uniquely beautiful. It fills me with the same childish awe as seeing Christmas tree lights each year. And well, when those beautiful skies and lights are reflected in water as in this Chicago print, well, that’s just a huge bonus.

The Chicago skyline with all those towering skyscrapers over lake Michigan is innately magical. But I was fortunate that on this particular night the wispy clouds led to a fantastic mix of blues and pinks streaked through the dusk skies. Dusk blue is one of my favorite colors and I would have been happy for that, but as I saw the clouds gather over the city just before the sunset, I knew the dusk sky in this Chicago Skyline print was going to be much more special.

You can plan to be there at dusk, but you can’t plan skies like the ones I saw over the Chicago Skyline from Navy Pier that evening. This was a special treat for me and has made this one of my more popular skyline prints. It’s funny that when I arrived at Navy Pier that afternoon, I had no firsthand knowledge of the place. The day before I left on a business trip to the city, I looked at a map of the waterfront to try to find a place to see the city lights of Chicago.

It turned out to be a magical place to see the Chicago Skyline. Just look at those singularly beautiful dusk skies. And check out those beautiful pier lights leading the eye to the skyscrapers ahead. I’ve often felt this print was the stuff of dreams hence the title. Sometimes I have to remind myself I was really there on that beautiful night in Chicago!

Have you watched night fall on Chicago? Or does this beautiful skyline print appeal to you purely based on that dreamy sky? I hope you’ll take a moment to share what attracts you to this Chicago print!