Chicago Harbor Lighthouse Canvas Print

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About This Image

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This Chicago Harbor Lighthouse canvas print features a beautiful day with blue skies, great clouds, and a sailboat on the waters of Lake Michigan in the foreground. This old lighthouse was originally built for the 1893 <em>World’s Columbian Exposition</em> which was held in Chicago. In 1919 it was moved to its current location to the east of Navy Pier. When the light was built in the late 19th century it featured cutting edge equipment and construction to showcase new technologies for the exposition.  The old harbor light was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in the 1980s. The coast guard quit using the light in 2005 and transferred ownership to the city of Chicago who is trying to preserve and maintain the historic lighthouse. As other historic lights on the great lakes have been demolished it reminds us how quickly this era of life along Lake Michigan is fading into the past.

This Chicago Harbor Lighthouse canvas print is based off photos from one of my trips there years ago. When I saw this lighthouse on a visit to Chicago years ago, I had no idea about the history of the light. I just thought it had a beautiful appearance  and I admit I’m simply a sucker for old lighthouses. I felt that the lighthouse almost on the horizon was a beautiful backdrop to a passing sailboat. There’s a real sense of life on the water which I think may resonate with some who call the Chicago area home.

I would love to hear what attracted you to this Chicago Harbor Lighthouse canvas print. Do you have special memories of this lighthouse or do you simply love the history of these old buildings? Maybe it reminds you of days sailing on Lake Michigan? Or maybe some combination of all those? For me, it’s a reminder of a beautiful day on the waterfront in Chicago. There’s a real feeling of tranquility and peace that comes with this image for me.

This canvas print is available in a range of sizes from small keepsake sized prints to large pieces of wall art and in a variety of print formats. If you have any questions about ordering prints or general comments or questions about this image, you may <a href=””>send me a message</a>.


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