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Chicago Waterfront At Dusk – City Lights Art


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Somewhere in the endless sea of trivia in my brain there’s a notation that Chicago is considered by some to be the birthplace of the modern skyscraper. Apparently the soil along the Chicago Waterfront of Lake Michigan is particularly good for building tall buildings and they have grown like wildflowers there every since. Of course skyscrapers have grown up since far from the Chicago Waterfront, but it’s still neat to look at all those skyscrapers beneath dusk skies and know this is where it all started on the shores of Lake Michigan.

For a period of time, I commuted frequently to Chicago for business. There weren’t a lot of chances to sight-see, but I did manage to get down to the Chicago waterfront on Navy Pier once to see what turned out to be a phenomenal dusk. The skies over Chicago’s skyscrapers were a wild mix of colors as day turned to night, and the city lights reflecting in the waters of the lakefront was absolutely dreamy.

I will always remember the early spring night that I was out on the pier watching the skies change colors over the Chicago Waterfront. I was literally lying on my belly on the pier while taking this photo. The perspective from down there took full advantage of the reflecting waters of the lake. Just look at those colors! The skies and water are a wash of blues, pinks, purples, gold… And that perspective also helped create the great leading line of the pier lights to the city skyline. But the most humorous and heartening thing was the number of people who saw me lying there and came to check if I was alright. You hear so many stories about people in big cities not going out of their way to help someone in distress. Yet it was laughable how many people came by to ask if I was okay in the short minute or two I lay there capturing this beautiful lakefront print of Chicago rising up from the waters.

Have you also gazed up at the dusk skies over the Chicago Waterfront? I’m guessing it is unlikely you were lying on your stomach at the time? Maybe the beautiful colors and the city lights in this skyline print win you over despite never having been on the shores of Lake Michigan? Whatever the case, I hope you will take a second to share what speaks to you most about this Chicago print!

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