This collection of Middle and South Georgia prints are scenes from home. I grew up Macon County and came back here to live about ten years ago. Much of the work in this collection is tied up with childhood memories of friends and family. For many of you looking at these prints, you may have the same close connections.

If you love small towns, farm scenes, and a more relaxed lifestyle, I think you’ll enjoy these Middle And South Georgia prints as much as those of us who have close ties do. When I first sat out as an artist years ago, I didn’t realize my local art would matter to people who had never been here, but I have happily found that these scenes from home resonate with many of you.

This collection covers a wide area from around Macon, Georgia and south. That’s a wide area for one collection. Right now, the bulk of these prints are from the area surrounding Montezuma, Georgia, my hometown. As time goes on, though this may need to be divided up as you can well imagine!

All of the artwork for sale in this collection of prints are available in a range of sizes from small prints perfect for gifts or grouped with other art as well as large prints suitable for statement wall art, gallery wrapped canvas prints, and more. Prints come ready for framing or in ready to hang formats.

If you have questions about any of the artwork on my site or in this collection of prints, please send me a message.

This is only a featured selection of my Middle and South Georgia prints. If you’d like to see more or you are ready to jump straight to my print shop, just use the button below!

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