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Cat Themed Art For Coffee Lovers


This fun cat themed art is purrfectly suited for coffee lovers, wouldn’t you agree? I would guess if you’ve found your way here you are either a cat lover or you have someone in your life who is? Regardless you’re probably aware that there’s a sweet bond between people and their feline companions. And if you or that special person is also a fan of coffee then this cat themed art will be all the more special!

Speaking to that bond, this design features a large orange cat with a starburst behind it and a large coffee cup that is steaming hot! And beneath it all is the mathematical equation that is sure to resonate.

Cats + Coffee = My Motivation

As a cat lover myself, I find that cats make great subjects for art. Just like people and our other pets, they have their own unique personalities and quirks. Their expressive little faces convey emotions and feelings that change by the moments, days, and years. In my experience the cat that is aloof at one point in life may be a cuddlebug later. Or not, just like people you can’t predict but my own large yellow tabby cat was part of the inspiration for this cat themed art and as a young cat he was barely willing to be petted never mind held. As an oldster he wants nothing more than to sit with me. Have you had that same experience with your cats, that sometimes they grow much closer to their people?

Cat themed art is remarkably timeless. The ancient Egyptians were depicting cats in their temples thousands of years ago. Clearly they were just as enamored with them if not more than we are. I hope you enjoy my own take on these enigmatic but special creatures. Especially in the case of this design if you are a fan of cats and coffee!

As you can see below, this design is available on a number of products ranging from wall art to textiles to stickers and t-shirts. If you can’t find it on the item you were hoping to find, be sure to send a message as I might be able to fix that for you!

If you have any difficulty accessing the product details for the above items, you can use this button to open up my Pixels shop in a separate window.

If you’re interested in a t-shirt, I’d suggest my shop on Zazzle. As you’ll see there, you can choose from a variety of shirt styles and even customize the design by adding your own text on the front or back of the shirt. I’m here to help though if you have trouble customizing on your own, just let me know.

Cat Themed Art on a Customizable T-shirt
Can be Personalized

The above image is linked to my Zazzle shop – this is an Affiliate link meaning if you shop from Zazzle using that link I will get a small commission whether you buy my work or the work of another designer on Zazzle. But you pay the same price regardless.

If you enjoyed this cat themed art you might enjoy discovering more cat art that’s currently available.

And as always drop me a message if there’s some customization you’d like done or you’d like to suggest a subject for more cat themed art or other subjects in general. Or of course if you have questions or need any assistance making your purchase.

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