Cool Irish Art Print - Colorful Night In Dublin Ireland
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Cool Irish Art – Dublin In The Rain


I really wanted to share my latest piece of Irish art, and this is a piece I think is quite cool. Now it should go without saying that I’m proud of all my artwork. If I share something for public consumption, I’m happy with how it turned out, but every so often I complete a piece that brings a big smile to my face.

Such is the case with this colorful night time scene from the streets of Dublin Ireland outside of the International Bar.

Cool Irish Art Print - Colorful Night In Dublin Ireland
Dublin In The Rain

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe it’s seven years on from my trip to Ireland, but the month plus I spent there has never quit inspiring me. The weather in Ireland is notoriously changeable. Most of my photos of Ireland are from the sunny days. I’ve often said that rainy days during my travels are my museum days. That doesn’t mean I didn’t see and appreciate the rain-soaked days and nights as well. And the city lights reflecting in water filled puddles can be a treat for the eyes.

My latest piece of cool Irish art is equal parts imagination and reality, capturing an actual scene from Ireland in what is a somewhat fanciful way. The interesting thing is I’ve had multiple viewers who have looked at this rain-soaked painting and said it took them back to a night out in Dublin from their own travels there. Since the inspiration was my own time In Dublin, maybe that’s no big surprise?

As my Irish art prints have been some of my most popular works, I’m thrilled to add something new whenever the inspirations strikes. And although I love to top myself, it’s hard to imagine topping this colorful scene anytime soon. The reaction to it so far has been quite strong so I have to say I’m expecting to to join other popular prints of Ireland soon.

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Hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts about my work. Does this take you back to a night in Dublin? Or is the colors that wow you? I always enjoy discussing art!


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