Dusk sky pictue of a village on Elephantine Island near Aswan in Egypt
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Everyday Egypt – Prints


While ancient monuments and temples are a treasure and grand to see, they are not what defines a place  That would be the people.  And while I don’t specialize so much in portraits thus far, I still made some attempts at catching the people and the places that made up the experience of visiting.

Dusk sky pictue of a village on Elephantine Island near Aswan in Egypt
Ubiquitous – Minarets of Egypt

This photo was taken on Elephantine Island – site of a Nubian village which was relocated with the rising waters of Lake Nasser after the construction of the dam.  As all over Egypt, there is a mosque nearby and its impressive minaret pierces the sky.  This is the source of the call to prayer (5 times a day).  Although you might miss one of the later calls, the morning one was sure to get your attention as a western visitor!  This lovely print is a mixtures of blues with the single yellow mosque standing out.

Daraw Egypt street scene - picture from Egypt
Home Towns – Streets of Daraw

This photo is from Daraw, a small village in the heart of Egypt.  It’s main draw to tourists is a camel market, but for this traveler, it was far more interesting to see a place less visited and capture a few moments from the every day here to take home with me.  This man may push his bike past this corner every day, but I was only there to see it once.   For me, this is truly the magic of photography, attempting to capture the every day as something special – as much as I love ancient temples and grand buildings.

Daraw, Egypt - Picture of life in an Egyptian Village
Streets of Daraw

One more picture from the same little street in Daraw.  This is how I’ll remember this little village, filled with friendly and curious locals.  Beneath all the differences, if stripped away, I really left feeling it was no different than my own small home town.

To see more scenes from Egypt, please check out my Egypt Print Gallery.

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  1. Nancy Jenkins says:

    Everyday Egypt – First photo has surrealistic element somewhat.
    I agree, Mark; many things we will only actually see once!
    And some of these places. “…no different than my own small home town”.
    There are times when I am somewhere far from home, and find myself in an awestruck moment about its similarities to “home” and how far I am from there geographically. It’s like a moment in a dream!
    Appreciate your thought s added to each of your photos. So many people would simply glance at the picture’s strong points, if any, and move on; never really taking with it what you have seen. Just one of many reasons that pictures don’t do it enough justice!

    1. Nancy, thanks much! There are definitely two schools of thought here, one is to let photos speak for themselves. And, of course, the other is to supply some context for them.

      The internet for all it’s visual gusto is still text based. If I want others to find my photos, text helps them get here. And then there’s the fact I’m kind of verbose anyway – I like to write, to help set the stage for what is being viewed. And I’m glad that some, at least, like you appreciate it!

      When you’re standing in front of the pyramids, it’s very hard to imagine it being like home, but when you’re having a meal in a little village thousands of miles away from home, it’s a little easier! 🙂

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