Photo of a small house - the oldest in Union County in North Georgia
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Gone – Historic Hunter England Cabin – North Georgia Art Print


Another recent print posted from the archives.  This is one of my favorites from North Georgia.  I wish I even knew exactly where it was.  I had spent a day wandering North Georgia.  I know for sure I had had visited Brasstown Bald and had snaked across some of North Georgia and driven through Blairsville.  Somewhere as the last bit of light peaked over the hills, I saw this on the side of some winding road and had to pull over.

Photo of a small house - the oldest in Union County in North Georgia
Gone – Union County Georgia Print

Whatever lonesome highway it was, I loved this little relic.  I would love a little house like this someday – well, in better repair perhaps, but the size fits with my new outlook on life.  At any rate, I like to look at this little cottage/cabin in the North Georgia landscape and imagine a family that once lived there.  Maybe someone’s little old grandmother lived her last days there preparing wonderful meals when her family visited.

Update: You’ll see if you read the comments that this little cabin has been identified as the oldest house in Union County, Georgia! That background information for this photo is much appreciated! And hopefully a help to others looking for this scenic piece of North Georgia heritage architecture, the Hunter-England Cabin.

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  1. Jean Harkins says:

    This is the oldest house in Blairsville, Union County, Georgia. I used to live in this house when I was a child. There is lots of history behind this old house. It was built in the 1800’s and the Indians in this part of our county helped build it. Recently the Union County Historical Society purchased this house and it was torn down and will be reconstructed at another site here in Blairsville, Georgia. One of the fondest memories I have living in this house was on an Easter Sunday. It was pouring down rain and my mother hid the Easter eggs on the old front porch for myself and my brother to find so we would not be disappointed that we didn’t get to have an Easter Egg hunt. I can get you some other history on this house if you like. Just email me. Thanks, Jean

  2. Jean, this is fantastic information – thanks so much for the background on this cute little house. Glad to know that it’s going to be preserved! Also happy to hear that my imagined happy memories in that home are somewhat correct. Sounds like a great childhood home!

  3. Sandra England Alred says:

    Glad to report that the home of my Great-Great Grandfather, Daniel England has been reconstructed in Blairsville at the Union County Farmers Mkt. located at 148 Old Smoky Rd.

    1. Awesome to hear that Sandra! When I took this photo of that old cabin I had no idea it would ever be anything but a ruin or of any of the history about it. So it’s very cool to know this was not the last chapter for it. Hope to get to see it again some day.

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