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Imagekind Partners with Flickr


Quite interesting news from Imagekind yesterday as they have partnered with Flickr. As a casual user of flickr and someone actively advertising my prints gallery at imagekind, this is very interesting news.

One of the things noticeably absent from Flicrk was a mechanism to sell prints. Flickr definitely has the community thing going (although I would kill for threaded comments like deviant Art) and it’s a massive and varied community. For Flickr, this partnership fills a void and I look forward to seeing how this ability to sell prints is integrated into a community that previously was non-commercial.

Imagekind is fairly new but has a sparkling reputation for its prints and its customer service is incredible and personal. Hopefully as the company matures, they will hold on to this ideology that customers are more than numbers. This partnership gets their name further out in the marketplace. Even though it means a possibility of far more competition for the artists on Imagekind, the fact there should be more traffic should far more than offset this.

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