King Cotton – Byromville Georgia Cotton Warehouse Art Print


This photo was taken in nearby Byromville, Georgia.  This small town was founded in the 1850’s but not incorporated until 1905.  This community today numbers less than 500 people. There’s still a sense of community there, but like much of the other Georgia (outside the sphere of Atlanta), there’s a feeling that for the moment anyway, the boom times are past.

Once upon a time, the red brick building pictured was a cotton warehouse bordering the tracks of the Atlanta and Birmingham Railway. This warehouse was completed two years before Byromville’s incorporation. This landscape photo speaks a lot of the quiet beauty of rural America and at the same time the past vitality of these towns and today’s lack of opportunity in these small communities.

Byromville Georgia Photo - Rural Americana - Old Cotton Warehouse
Byromville, Georgia – King Cotton Print

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