Beautiful golden hued photo of the ruins of Luxor Temple in Egypt
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Luxor Temple Ruins


Beautiful golden hued photo of the ruins of Luxor Temple in Egypt
Luxor Ruins

Our first afternoon in Luxor, we wandered along the Corniche – the riverside walkway along the Nile (apparently used in Egypt but borrowed from the French).  Our guide was pointing out things we could do, amongst which was the temple ruins at Luxor.  We managed to come by just as the late afternoon sun was casting a warm glow over them.  They look quite atmospheric, but they are not amongst the best ruins to visit.  We were told we’d pretty much seen what there was to see but could visit.  I’m not sure any of our group did visit, but I know this was as close as I got.  I was satisfied with these wonderful shots of these  ruins.

Sunset picture - Luxor Temple Egypt
Luxor Temple

This is another perspective on the ruins – here you can see a distinctive New Kingdom temple with an obelisk.  The temple ruins at Luxor was once the site of ancient Thebes and were dedicated to what was know as the Thebian Triad – the three gods popular in Thebes – Amun, Mut, and Chons.  The temple was founded around 1400 BC.  This shot catches a vibrant blue and gold sky with just a hint of the warm passing light casting on the stones.

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