Picture of a market in front of a colonial church in Oaxaca Mexico
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My Website is a Triplicate


Howdy Everybody!

I figured I would have had some Mexico blog posts with photos and short tales by now but I have gotten side-tracked on some website maintenance along the way. And you know how those type tasks seem to balloon!

And balloon is an appropriate metaphor for what happened this time, my website has triplicated! I fear my site combining my personal, travel, and photograph blogs was becoming a bit unfocused, which has implications when you hope to surface when people are searching online. Now, a simple severing of the personal/travel and art/photography sides of the house would have likely sufficed, but in for a penny in for a pound.

I’m sure there will be more change to come as I finesse the new structure of the three sites. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see if I make a resurgence on my personal blog. That was actually the beginning of my online journaling but it languished after I pulled it into my Mark Tisdale Photography website. I doubt seriously anyone but close friends and family would ever want to read it, but it’s out there for those interested.

Ah, so the links:

  • Photography/Art (of course): https://markonart.com  (2015 – My New Art blog is on markonart.com)
  • Travel Stories: http://openroaddreams.com  (2015 – Travel Posts were re-merged with my personal blog)
  • Personal: http://marketisdale.net

Some general info about my mailing list. Everyone who has ever signed up, even though I gave the option to opt out of certain categories has included the art/photography category as one for which they wanted to receive updates. Ergo, all who are on the mailing list currently, you are all automatically still subscribed for art and photography news. If you want to receive updates for the travel and/or personal blogs, you’ll see instructions on the top right column on both sites when you get there. You’ll need to add yourselves to those again if you want to read my stories from the road when traveling or my potentially very lame day to day thoughts.

Picture of a market in front of a colonial church in Oaxaca Mexico
Market in Oaxaca

All that said, the first round edits of the Mexico trip have been up for quite some… er… weeks… now. And there are even some new print galleries up. That part is still a work in progress, though.

And on one final bit of housekeeping, I know many have figured this out already, but I have, in fact, created a replacement Facebook page to share my work with those amongst you who are on Facebook. The reasons are long but basically boiling down to a need to re-brand (re-name) my page which is currently not possible. Knowing Murphy’s Law rather too well, it will be possible about 45 minutes after I click delete on the old page! One caveat, I know some of you out there are making use of Facebook’s HTTPS feature. If so, you will be presented with a page informing you that to see the content you will have to surf using http (less secure). Sorry, but it would cost me recurring fees to set up a secure connection which is a bit much for the admittedly snazzy slideshow you’re missing!  And, hey, it’s the same slideshow (right now) on the home page here! My shopping cart is secured via the third party that administers that side of my site, it’s not profitable or practical for me to pay separately to secure a slideshow when the shopping part is already taken care of. Anyway, you can still click like at the top and/or if you click the wall, info, or photos links on the left hand side, you’ll see you can still see my new page. You’re just missing the one little piece.

Thanks as always for keeping up with my photography and possibly my other exploits for those armchair travelers among you. Take care! And hopefully more here sooner than later!

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