New Orleans Art - Café du Monde Painting by Mark Tisdale
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New Orleans Art – Café du Monde Painting


This New Orleans art features a landmark part of the French Quarter – the Café du Monde. I often get requests for particular cities or sometimes specific subjects. In this case I had several people mention they’d love to see some New Orleans art among my prints. But the exact location was left open. When I started considering various NOLA subjects, I couldn’t help envisioning the lights of Café du Monde reflecting in wet pavement at night. Sometimes inspiration comes in small pieces, some ideas are formed nearly whole. In the case of this Café du Monde painting, it was the latter. From the start, this was the general scene I envisioned complete with crowded tables and the warm glow of the café lights. If you’ve followed my work awhile, you know I love to juxtapose cool blues and warm golds in my night time artwork if it’s appropriate. For my part at least, I find that combination comforting. In this case, it’s almost literally representative of shelter from the rain.

New Orleans Art - Café du Monde Painting by Mark Tisdale
New Orleans In The Rain

Some years ago when my work was more photography and less digital painting, a friend observed that I very often included a pop of red in my imagery. In those days it wasn’t intentional. I guess when I was looking for something eye catching to photograph I subconsciously found the red eye catching. Isn’t it interesting when someone can tell you something about yourself that you didn’t know? Since then, I’m more likely to include red by my own choice. And in this scene, it’s the red umbrella above the woman (and reflected in the pavement below her). Drew your eye to the couple standing outside the Café du Monde didn’t it?

Café du Monde Painting Details - Mark Tisdale
Painting Detail

Here’s a closer look at the couple and the pretty red umbrella in this New Orleans art. Would you all enjoy seeing the occasional detailed views like this in my future art features?

So far this is the only New Orleans art you’ll find among my available prints, but I think it’s a beautiful start. And of course it’s been on my mind right now because of the recent hurricane. Do you have any other subjects you’d like to see me tackle in New Orleans in the future? I mention it often, but yes, I do keep a running list of subjects people have suggested. Some of them languish waiting for inspiration but I can definitely say it’s a great source of ideas.

I hope you’ll share your thoughts whether on this Café du Monde painting or on other subjects you’d like to see in the comments below. And of course, you can always send a message if you’d rather.

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