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Colorful Abstract Landscape Painting

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I don’t know why but one of my favorite subjects has long been lone trees like the one in this colorful abstract landscape painting. It’s not just a subject I like to capture but one that captures my imagination when I look at artwork done by others in photography and paintings. I’ve no doubt there’s some deep psychological reason behind it but I’ve never delved deeply into what it is that affects me emotionally, it just does.

In this case, not only do I have my lone tree, I let lose with color and as anyone who follows my work knows, I love color. And so this colorful abstract landscape painting is filled with the sort of color that one sees in the skies overhead at sunrise and sunset. And there’s something a little heavenly to me in this particular artwork. I think honestly that on some level it was a response to the loss of my father as it was done in the months after his passing. It wasn’t a conscious decision that I painted it in memory or tribute for him, but when I look back at this artwork from a distance, there’s an ethereal quality to it that I think was tied up in those emotions. Look at the way those colorful clouds swirl into the sky!

What I remember consciously that I was seeking in this particular piece was that feeling of the limitless horizon – which echoes our own potential. I think that’s why we love landscapes with vast horizons to some degree. They appeal to the dreamers and wanderers in many of us. More than anything I look at this colorful abstract landscape painting and I don’t feel loss but a sense of new adventures ahead. Our world is beautiful and inspiring isn’t it?

What speaks to you in this colorful artwork? Do you love lone tree landscapes? Colorful skies? I hope you’ll pause to share your thoughts about this abstract landscape painting.


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