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Dunguaire Castle Art – Historic Irish Print

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There’s no doubt about it that Ireland is magical. And although I was there only a short time, I found Dunguaire Castle to be characteristically charming. There’s just something about old medieval fortifications sitting in coastal waters. At any moment, I was expecting dragons or at least knights in shining armor.

Although they never appeared, I was quite impressed by the location and have wanted to re-trace my steps there every since. It was those dreams of seeing Dunguaire Castle again that led me to take on this particular Irish artwork. It was a winter day when I visited but since we are mostly working from imagination here, it was more fun to wind the clock forward to a beautiful sunny spring or maybe summer day. It just feels  more like Ireland if it’s green you know?

It may have been a cool winter day when I was there but when I look at this particular piece of art, all I sense of the weather is the sea air on Galway Bay. Of course, that’s in addition to the sense of history. Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara is a genuine piece of 16th century architecture. The ancient building was restored by Oliver St. John Gogarty in the 1920’s. Gogarty seems to be one of those renaissance men we see so little of today. He had a career as both a surgeon and a poet. His renovation of Dunguaire Castle was part of a Celtic Revival in literature. So there’s history both old and new within those fortified walls!

For me, though, it’s more than history, it’s the romance of Ireland. Just look at that towering edifice reflecting in the waters of Galway Bay. There’s a magic in Ireland that transcends the stones and earth. I can’t put it into words but I feel like I’ve captured a little of that magic in this Historic Irish print.

Does this remind you of a day spent wandering the west coast of Ireland? Or perhaps the romance alone speaks to you? Whatever draws you to this particular Irish print, I hope you’ll take a moment to stop and share what it is that tickles your fancy. Is it the architecture? The colors? The little details like the Irish flag waving above? If you look closely there are even people wandering up the path beside the castle.  Adventurers, no doubt!


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