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Ha’penny Bridge At Night in Dublin – Irish Art Print

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The night before leaving Dublin, I had to take one last wander to see the landmarks along the River Liffey before I headed back to pack. Dusk was just fading into night as I stood here on the banks of the Liffey and took this picture of the Ha’penny bridge at night. This beautiful bridge is Ireland’s oldest cast iron bridge. And I think it’s easily the most beautiful bridge in Dublin.

The Liffey Bridge is actually its proper name, but the name that has stuck refers to the old cost to cross the pedestrian toll bridge. The half penny toll is long past but it’s clear that the name has stuck now. I think it’s a cool nod to Dublin’s history.

Personally, for me, what is most appealing about the old bridge you see in this print of the Ha’penny Bridge at night is its many graceful lines. I love the great curve of the bridge’s form and even the ornate curves of the lamps over it. But what makes this print special to me is the colors. From the dusk blue skies to the river itself that is reflecting all the hues of the city lights along the river… it’s almost like an amazing night-time rainbow in the river passing under the historic Dublin bridge. It was an awesome farewell to the many walks I had made along the quays of the Liffey in Dublin.

As is often the case, even though I was there in person, looking at this print of the Ha’penny Bridge at night, I literally get lost in it, the light, the colors, the details of the bridge. They all stand out for me and at the same time coalesce into a great reminder of a clear winter evening near Temple Bar in Dublin.

Have you also strolled the Liffey at night? Or do you simply love the colors and rich architecture of this print?


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