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Pensacola Coast- Historic Florida Map Art

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This beautiful taste of the Pensacola coast is utilizing an historic Florida map as the basis of this collage. I love things that have a vintage feel – even more so when they are based on something truly vintage. To be clear, an 1800’s map of the Pensacola coast was not harmed in the making of this artwork!

Instead, I’ve overlaid a piece of my own artwork on top of a scan of a map showing the coast near Pensacola Bay  This map was published in the 1850’s which coincidentally is the same decade during which the current lighthouse at Pensacola was built.

Although the artwork layered over this map collage map be recent, it has a great soft feel to it that compliments the faded yellow of the map. The current light , not the first on the Pensacola coast, was completed in 1859. The keeper’s cottage seen at its base was built a decade later. If it seems on the larger side it’s because it was built as a duplex for families of both the keeper and the assistant keeper. Today it’s appropriately a museum.

The upper left portion of this historic map shows Pensacola Bay while the lower left side includes nautical navigational directions to reach various destinations along the panhandle of Florida. This is fun for anyone who loves history and particularly those who call the Florida coastal area home.

This is one of those prints I’ve found has a wide appeal. The general vibe of this artwork always gets compliments. People who have never visited the area just love the beautiful lighthouse and the cool vintage map. Meanwhile those who actually have roots on the Pensacola coast tell me they adore this print. It reminds them of home and local history.

What about you? I’d love to hear what drew you to this particular piece of Florida lighthouse art? Is it because you have roots there? Or do you simply love lighthouses? I hope you will take a few moments to stop and share your thoughts.


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