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St Simons Lighthouse Art Print

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St Simons Lighthouse is one of those postcard-perfect places on the Georgia coast. It’s such a beautiful setting that apparently some people don’t want to leave! Like any proper old place in the south, St Simons Lighthouse has tales of ghosts that go creak in the night! In the case of this old light, it’s a former keeper that is said to have never really left his post.

Apparitions or not, St Simons Light is genuinely old. The original light on St Simons Island was destroyed in the course of the Civil War, but the current light and Keeper’s cottage date from 1872. It’s such a beautifully preserved piece of Victorian architecture that the grounds of the lighthouse are a favorite Coastal Georgia destination for weddings and wedding receptions. I can easily imagine a fairy tale wedding here, can’t you?

Even if you’re not planning a wedding on the coast, Georgia’s Golden Isles and the lighthouses that dot the coast are a beautiful subject for art never mind a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the sea breezes. Certainly one of the better ways to spend your time. And I feel laid back and relaxed just looking at the tranquil skies and landscape in this St Simons lighthouse art print. It definitely takes me back to vacation mode.

Does this Coastal Georgia wall art remind you of a beautiful vacation on St Simons Island? Or maybe you live or have lived there? Or maybe you found yourself here because you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for a couple who are getting married on the grounds of St Simons Lighthouse? I’d love to hear what brings you to this particular piece of lighthouse art? So please take a moment to share your thoughts on this print and any questions you might have.

Note: St Simons Lighthouse is on the US National Register of Historic Places.


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