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Tybee Island Lighthouse Art

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Tybee Island lighthouse towers over the beautiful barrier islands off the coast of my home state of Georgia. When dawn broke on my first morning in Savannah some years ago, I was heading for Tybee. As beautiful as Savannah is, I wanted to see the dawn light on the seaside and I found myself spending part of every day wandering on the beach and generally enjoying the coastal Georgia landscape. It was funny, I really made that first trip there to enjoy the history of Savannah. And enjoy it I did, but I equally fell in love with Tybee. I guess I should have seen that coming, eh?

I have several different prints of the historic Tybee Light, and each is special to me in its own way. Each one of my Tybee Island lighthouse prints has a distinct mood of its own. This particular print is something of a  collage. The backdrop is a scan of an 1855 survey map of the Georgia coast – so truly a vintage map. The Tybee Island lighthouse art that is married with the old map is based on another Tybee print I did some years back. I felt the blues of the skies and the yellowed map were a beautiful combination of warm and cool colors. I hand blended the original lighthouse print, extending the background of the original which was a tall narrow print. I still love the original – particularly for its ability to fill a narrow wall with an eye catching piece of art. Yet it’s this nautical map with the expanded view of the old Tybee Island lighthouse that I have hanging in my own home, so I guess I might be showing some favoritism?  That may not mean I think it’s a superior print so much as I have a deep fondness for anything with a vintage flavor to it, you know?

I’ve said before that I’m quite taken with lighthouses, thus they are a recurring subject, but the vintage nautical theme of this one takes it up a level for me.

How about you? Is this your favorite among my Tybee Island lighthouse prints? What about this one caught your eye? Have you visited Tybee or are you just a fan in general of old lighthouses? I hope you’ll stop for a moment to share your comments!

Note: The Tybee Island Lighthouse is on the US National Register of Historic Places.


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