Among The Stars – Ginger Cat Canvas Print

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About This Image

Among The Stars – Ginger Cat Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This ginger cat canvas print features a cosmic depiction of a cat among the stars. This one was simply fun to work on especially as I’m a fan of yellow kitties. The first cat I have vivid memories of was a large sweet ginger cat that loved children. So it has prejudiced me a bit towards these brightly colored creatures. And one of my other lifelong interests is outer space both from a fictional perspective and the science behind exploring the cosmos. So this kitty made of stardust is fun on multiple fronts.

What drew you to this particular artwork? I’m going to assume you’re a cat lover but if not, I need details! Ha! If you have comments you’d like to share or questions you’d like to ask, I hope you’ll drop me a note.


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