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Beach Sands of County Clare – Irish Abstract Art


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One of my most vivid memories of my winter visit to Ireland was oddly enough the place on the Irish coast where I encountered these beautiful beach sands. In the winter, you wouldn’t imagine a beach anywhere in Northern Europe being a highlight. Yet when we stopped, the first thing I saw outside the bus windows were these black and gold beach sands forming all sorts of abstract patterns. Those natural abstractions were created as the wet sand flowed with waves and tides to the sea.

The vistas of the sea were beautiful as well of course, but I had to take some photos of the natural abstract patterns. Sometimes mother nature makes the best art, don’t you think? The natural flowing patterns of those beach sands are just classically beautiful. I love the variegated patterns… Unlike any beach sands I have encountered before or since.

I’m fairly certain the golden beach sands in this abstract print are from Fanore Beach in County Clare on the Irish west coast. But if anyone believes they are more certain of this beach’s location, please do speak up. By the time I sat down to the pictures from this beautiful Irish beach, I’d seen and experienced so much. Some of the Irish coast was simply a beautiful blur. One day I shall comb the coast of Ireland again and walk on this beautiful beach once more. I simply must! Years later, I find that it still calls to me after all!

Have you ever had that sensation that a place spoke to you? Or perhaps you simply love natural abstract prints like this regardless of where they might exist in the real world?


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