juvenile goose in north Georgia Rivers



juvenile goose in north Georgia Rivers
A Young Goose Is On The Loose

Spent the past two weekends haunting an area on the Chattahoochee river that’s full of ducks and geese like this young goose from last weekend.

The humorous (?!?) thing is that there are signs all over the place saying not to feed the ducks or geese even listing the multitude of reasons it’s a bad idea. And in front of every one of these signs someone is feeding them.

Go Figure…

In fairness, that’s probably why this young goose was tame enough to let me photograph him without taking flight. I was glad for the opportunity since I enjoy wildlife photography to some degree. At least enough to admire the people who do it as a routine, but if this goose had been of the skittish variety, I’d have never had the time to capture him in that beautiful golden morning light.

Note: I’m reasonably certain that I’ve identified this goose as a Snow Goose, but whatever it is, I’m fairly certain it was a juvenile, so finding examples of it to compare to online was not easy. I thoroughly welcome experts who can identify the species correctly or indeed confirm my suspicions.

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  1. bloody typical, people cant read signs, its something built into us… Great site, just saw the link in ur deviant journal and thought i would check her out 🙂

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