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Special Promotions And A Note About Prices


I have been busy the past month or so but first off, I wanted to bring my Easter Themed special promotions to your attention.
Easter Themed Canvas Print SaleYou all know I don’t often do promotions like this but a gentle nudge from a friend reminded me that Easter was on the horizon, so I decided to offer some artwork that fits that theme. You’ll find these three canvas prints at the links below:

  • Praying At The Altar In Puebla Cathedral
  • Magical Bell Tower in Mexico
  • Papal Cross On A Frosty Day in Dublin

You can find the details about how many prints are remaining for each of these special promotions by following the links. These are each ready to hang stretched canvas prints sized 24×36 inches. These are normally $450 each for canvas prints this size, but I’m able to offer them at a special price by taking advantage of Fine Art America’s limited time promotional discount. Hope you enjoy taking the moment to view them and share with any friends you think might have an interest.

An Update On Print Prices

Only tangentially connected, but I also was planning to post an update on my print prices now that I’ve managed to get them squared away. Long time friends and followers may recall about two years ago when I decided to move to a tiered pricing formula. At the time, it seemed like an excellent solution, a way to recognize the higher demand of some art prints.

I still am not interested in doing limited edition prints, but I have decided that for now at least, tiered pricing is a bit too much of a logistical headache. Keeping track of multiple price lists for the multiple sites where I make my artwork available was a job unto itself. And since my staff consists of me, I decided to listen to my increasing complaints on the matter!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve sat down, looked at the books, and adjusted my prices and in the process made them as uniform as possible. There are differences between the product offerings on various sites, the base prices, and how the artist sets their mark-up that prevent a hundred percent match.

Nonetheless, I’m happy to report that moving all of my work to the same price points, while a time-consuming exercise, has lent much more clarity to the whole process. No more digging through spreadsheets to make sure I have the right artwork set at the correct mark-up. One supposes, it’s also more straightforward to customers that an 8×12 print, for example, is the same regardless of the subject. It is, regardless of popularity, the artwork of the same artist at the end of the day.

I won’t say that I’ll never experiment with demand-based pricing again, but I will say it’s probably not happening again any time soon. There would have to be vasts updates to how the various print on demand sites handle artist mark-up, or I would have to have only one channel for my work before I foresee that time rolling around again.

In the near-future if any of you hear me talking about going down this route again, remind me how my staff threatened insurrection!

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