This collection of British art by artist Mark Tisdale is the result of years of interest in British culture. I have traveled to Britain on multiple occasions but my fondness for all things Anglophile predates those trips.

It may have started later but I think my interest in Britain started while watching slideshows when my Uncle and Aunt came back from a trip to Europe when I was about five years old. Certainly those images of Britain have stuck in my mind for years since.

So my British art is very much from the heart and inspired by visits as well as years of watching British TV shows. If you enjoy the work featured here, then you’d probably enjoy my British art for sale as prints in my shop. You can find my British prints here.

Featuring – British Christmas Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I had an email from a past customer in England as she was looking for Christmas cards that featured her favorite subject, those beautiful red Phone Boxes.  And if you’ve ever thumbed through my British … Read More

British Whimsy Lives

It’s no secret that London is one of my favorite cities, and all the buzz about the Olympics this summer and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has certainly made me nostalgic. I can’t believe I haven’t been to London since 2008! … Read More

London Tate Modern

It took four visits to London to finally make a call on London’s Tate Modern.  In my defense, I had visited the British Museum (twice), The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and the Victoria And Albert Museum.  I think … Read More

St Pauls Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is certainly an icon of London. The images of the great dome standing above the smoke of WWII is certainly one that will live in our collective conscious for years to come. Officially the Cathedral Church of … Read More

Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge (informally Cambridge University) is the second oldest university in the English speaking world.  It was established  in 1209 and consists of 31 colleges dotted around the landscape of modern Cambridge. The Backs is the view of … Read More

Around Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is well known as the home of the University of Cambridge.  The heritage of the area is ancient, having been the site of habitation since well into pre-history.  It was occupied in Roman times as Duroliponte.  … Read More

City of St Albans

St Albans has a long history connected to London.  It was once a day’s ride from London, so became a major stop for the coach trade.  Today at  about a half hour by train, it’s become a charming bedroom community.  … Read More

Villages and Towns of Southern England

There’s a special charm to the small villages I’ve seen in southern England, centuries of history, often with one or two grand old building but otherwise fairly simple places. More often than not, the village’s church is one of the … Read More

Cornish Ruins

The countryside of Cornwall is dotted with old treasures, ruins that could range in age from centuries to millennia.  But they all have a rich history. Lanyon Quoit is on the older end.  Built around 2500 BC, this neolithic dolmen … Read More

City of Bath

Among many stops on my Haggis Tour wander to and from Cornwall was the City of Bath.  I was quite looking forward to seeing the old Roman Baths that give the modern city its name, but I knew very little … Read More

Cornish Coast

On my trip through Cornwall, we saw a lot of gorgeous coastline.  The coast is full of dramatic cliffs and gorgeous views.  Since Cornwall has been a vacation destination for so long, there are lots of little scenic spots and … Read More

Newquay Surfer Prints

Newquay is a an awesome little coastal town in Cornwall.  There has been human activity here since prehistoric times and a fishing village as far back as medieval times.  It’s lovely location and accessible sandy beaches have made it a … Read More

Avebury Stone Circle

On my first trip to England in April, 2004, my only day out of London was spent on a tour of, among other stops, Stonehenge – my main destination that day.  At the time, I had never heard of Avebury.  … Read More

Stonehenge On The Plains

On my last trip to the UK, there was some repeat stops.  Since this was my 5th visit to Britain, this should not be a surprise, however.  The truth was, that my last visit to Stonehenge had been over 4 … Read More

Edinburgh Prints

If I was pressed to pick a  favorite place to visit, most people could tell you it was London – with all apologies to the rest of the world and some of the fabulous places I’ve visited.  But a very … Read More

Scottish Highlands Photos

Although it was my second trip to Scotland before I saw any of the Scottish Highlands, it was an absolute highlight of my that journey. The Scottish Highlands are full of history and rugged landscapes.  Home of some of the … Read More

Isle of Skye Photos

The Isle of Skye was a true highlight from my Haggis tour of the Scottish Highlands.  An incredible place of natural beauty, the island is the northernmost of the Inner Hebrides.  Archaelogical digs on the island shows that it has … Read More