Collection of local art created by Georgia Artist, Mark Tisdale. The artwork featured here was not only created by a local artist it features places and scenes from around the state of Georgia.

While I love art in general, there’s always something a little extra special about capturing the beauty of my home state. And I  can’t help it but I smile just a bit wider when I see someone has chosen to buy art from local artists. When I see one of my Georgia prints going to someone right here in Georgia, it makes my day.

I’ve lived in both the Atlanta area as well as the small town of Montezuma where I was raised. But you’ll see art featured here of the coast, North Georgia, and more. There’s a lot to appreciate from landscapes to historic cities and small town life. I hope you’ll enjoy my take on these subjects!

And if you like my style but see a subject I haven’t done yet, I’m always happy to take suggestions. Just send me a message with your thoughts.

Local Atlanta Art

The challenge of creating local Atlanta art is what really kick-started my drive to be an artist. For those who don’t know, I started out mainly interested in capturing far away places on trips overseas. I loved to travel and … Read More

Black And White Photos Of Atlanta

I think most who follow my work would agree I’m more well known for my colorful work, but as these black and white photos of Atlanta illustrate, I sometimes dabble in monochromatic schemes as well! But it is, admittedly rare! … Read More

New eBook Cover Design

A few months ago,  I posted about Charlotte Moore’s Deep South Dead, which used my eBook cover design. I’m happy to report that Ms. Moore felt that first design was successful enough to warrant using my services a second time.  … Read More

First Book Cover!

When I posted my Spring update the other day, I was sitting on one piece of news. Now, however, it’s fair game to announce my first book cover! Well, I guess technically it’s more like my third book cover since … Read More

Award Winning Project

After deciding to leave Atlanta in mid 2009, I returned home to Montezuma, Georgia. While I wasn’t born here, I was young enough when I came here that I don’t remember any other place I’d call home. I had often … Read More

Fall in North Georgia

Fall is just my favorite season. Spring is a close second, but autumn has the cool temps and the bright colors, especially in the north part of the state where I lived for a decade. In fact, even though the … Read More

Montezuma Depot Scenes

One of the earliest subjects of my growing love of photography here at home was the old red brick depot in Montezuma. My earliest memories of downtown, the depot was used by the local police department, but there are still … Read More

Savannah Scenes

I can truthfully say that I did not spend enough time in Savannah to truly photograph all of the sights, but one of the highlights of my visit remains Savannah’s Cathedral. I heard several tour guides on passing buses compare … Read More

Tybee Island Beach

When I went to Savannah for a few days last Fall, my travels turned into a couple of days at the beach and less time in Savannah than I had planned.  This only means that I must return to this … Read More

Tybee Lighthouse – Coastal Georgia

Tybee Island is a beautiful little gem off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. Tybee has long been a weekend getaway for citizens of Savannah (it was in fact renamed Savannah Beach for a time). Today, Tybee Island sees vacationers from … Read More

Atlanta Icons – Let’s Eat

Once upon a time, I started a series of photographs of what I thought were Atlanta’s iconic places. I was inspired because I had been traveling and kept coming back with what I though (hoped) were pictures of icons of … Read More

A Golden Moment on the Chattahoochee

Though the distance between us grows, we’re never really apart, that’s what this photo means to me when I look at it. Aside from the obviously beautiful golden color, what speaks to me most is the line in the water … Read More


Spent the past two weekends haunting an area on the Chattahoochee river that’s full of ducks and geese like this young goose from last weekend. The humorous (?!?) thing is that there are signs all over the place saying not to feed … Read More