Collection of Paris pictures from and inspired by my so far lone visit to the city of lights. I saw Paris following an over month long visit to Ireland and my only regret is that Paris was tacked on to an already long trip. If you’ve been to Paris, then you know it deserved so much more. I have said more than once since visiting that Paris is the most picturesque place I have ever been. Every vista seemed to be picture-worthy. I roamed the length of the Seine several times over and wandered the streets of the city, all while trying to see the sights. As a visual artist, I was torn between spending hours in the Louvre or hours creating my own art!

My short visit created some beautiful Paris pictures and my Paris art has been popular every since I first posted prints of Paris for sale. If you enjoy the sample you see here, then be sure to check out my Paris prints for more! I think you’ll enjoy them.

Eiffel Tower Romance Painting

This idea for this Eiffel Tower romance painting came to me because of the film title “Last Tango In Paris.” Now I have to admit, the title was the full extent of what I knew about the movie. It was … Read More

Taste of Paris – New Prints Offered

I’ve been making major headway with re-working my online gallery, and the latest to join the completed stack are the prints on offer from Paris! I’ve said over and over again that Paris is easily the most photogenic place I’ve … Read More

Eiffel Tower Pictures

A trip to Paris just wouldn’t be complete without seeing its most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower.  Built in 1889 as the entrance to the World’s Fair, it was never intended to be there a hundred years later.  In fact, … Read More

Notre Dame de Paris By Night

I guess in a way my posts for Notre Dame de Paris are out of order, as I’ve presented the pictures of it from the daytime first in these previous posts. Notre Dame Paris Prints Gargoyles of Notre Dame The … Read More

Gargoyles of Notre Dame

One of the more memorable moments of my time in Paris was climbing to the top of Notre Dame de Paris.  It’s the latest in a chain of cathedrals and churches that I’ve ascended, but truly any publicly accessible tower … Read More

Notre Dame Cathedral Prints

I’ve been diligently working on getting my Paris prints gallery in order.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, despite the fact I wasn’t enthusiastic about Paris, the pictures from the trip have shown me one thing, this … Read More

Five Nights in Paris – Part Two

Continuing from my previous post of featured photos in Paris, after an early morning at Sacre Coeur, I made my way to Notre Dame de Paris. Although as you can see there were a lot of long shadows, there was … Read More

Five nights in Paris – Part One

It’s precious little surprise to anyone who reads my blog that Paris was not the highlight of my month across the pond last winter.  However, I have to give Paris its due, it was an incredibly photogenic city.  I don’t … Read More

Creating Photo Art

Although “plain” photography is my first love, I have also been branching out into photo art the past year or so. I am forever amazed at what a difference layering on different textures can make between a photo’s start and … Read More