Collection of pictures of Ireland inspired by my time spent on the beautiful emerald isle. I didn’t have any strong preconceptions of what Ireland was like. Of course, I had heard that it was a beautiful place but that barely scratches the surface. From colorful architecture to rolling green landscapes, Ireland is the visual definition of picturesque.

Within short order, my Irish art was among my most popular prints. I think at least in part that’s because my own love for the place shone through in my pictures of Ireland. I have enjoyed many of the places I’ve visited over the years, but the landscapes of Ireland captured my heart – particularly Galway. I could easily imagine relocating there if the opportunity arose. It may see trite to say it, but I left my heart there.

The pictures featured here are only a portion of my Irish art, so if you’d like to enjoy more pictures, be sure to check out my prints of Ireland.

Best Foot Forward

There are days when I feel I have taken on never-ending projects! As long-term readers will know, I’ve been working on an update to my print collections – a rather involved one. I kept thinking soon I’ll finish and get … Read More

Connemara Prints

One of the highlights of my time in Galway was taking a bus out to Connemara and spending a couple of nights in this tiny lodge/hostel just above Killary Fjord.  It definitely would have been a nice place to have … Read More

Trinity College Prints

One of the first places I found myself on a fairly random stroll around Dublin on day one of my trip was Trinity College.  The college was established in the late 16th century but the bulk of the architecture of … Read More

O’Connell Street Scenes

I mentioned in a previous post that the star of North Dublin had dimmed somewhat, but the city leaders have also pumped money into revitalizing one of Dublin’s grand avenues.  O’Connell Street has the distinction of being one of the … Read More

Dublin River Liffey

Dublin’s very foundations lie many centuries ago along the River Liffey.  Though the Vikings wouldn’t recognize Dublin today, the city still straddles the Liffey.  For many years the fashionable addresses in Dublin lay north of the Liffey.  For many years … Read More

Dublin Nights

One thing about visiting Ireland in the winter, I got to see an awful lot of the places I saw after the sun went down – if it ever, in fact, came up at all.  Luckily, I love night photos, … Read More