If you’re looking to buy Tybee Island art, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy some of my ever growing collection of art from the Georgia coast. It is after all both a beautiful and historic place. As an artist that ticks off one box, and as an armchair historian that ticks the other box for me by way of finding inspiration on Tybee Island and other points down the Georgia coast.

I’m not certain when I might have first seen the beach at Tybee. My first memory of Georgia’s coast is not until I was college age. Despite my growing up in Georgia, my parents mostly took us to the gulf coast because they were from south Alabama and we had a host of family and friends we could visit if we went that way. So it’s entirely possible it was that long before I had been. Whatever the case, if you are here, you likely know it was worth the wait. Tybee Island and the Georgia coast in general are simply breathtaking.

Take me to the beach…

The beach in general and particularly the pier has been a subject of frequent inspiration for me. Take for example this recent work featuring sunrise and the pier. The pink and blue cotton candy skies warm my heart every time. There’s a sense of place that goes along with the bright colors. I bet most visitors would recognize the location of this Tybee Island art just based on that familiar silhouette of the pier.

Colorful Tybee Island Art - Pier at sunrise Canvas Print
Colorful Tybee Island Art
Canvas Print of The Pier at Sunrise

A Taste of my Tybee Island Art

The beach is beautiful and you’ll find more than a few beach scenes in my art, but from the salt marshes to the river, the coastal landscapes are simply gorgeous. And you’ll notice a mixture of media in my work, both photographic and painting. I started my career as an artist as strictly a photographer. Eventually I discovered I loved creating the scenes I envisioned rather than relying on the right lighting and the right moment. I love both but it’s very freeing to be able to make up a landscape from the cosmic ether. And yet, there’s still joy in being in the right moment to capture the perfect sunset, etc. You can tell I still wear both hats can’t you?

Whatever media the art may be, in the end, it’s how it impacts the viewer. And that’s been the most important part of being an artist for me over the years. It started out simply being something I did to pass the time but the reactions from others to my work delivered a steady dose of endorphins. That feedback loop has pushed me to continue as an artist even in the dark times. Seeing someone smile in person, reading nice comments on social media, or reading reviews from happy customers is undoubtedly what keeps me going.

Some of my Tybee Island art is from early days of my career, so it’s been a part of the journey from near the start. That the new work as well as the work that’s had staying power is still well-received is a lovely thing.

Some Popular Choices

Bicycle On The Beach - Tybee Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Bicycle On The Beach – Tybee Art Print
Tybee Island Pier - Georgia Coast Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale
Tybee Island Pier Canvas Print
Cockspur Island Lighthouse - Georgia Coast Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale
Cockspur Island Lighthouse Canvas Print
Doc's Bar - Popular Tybee Print by Mark Tisdale
Doc’s Bar Art Print

And of course it would be practically criminal not to include some of my Tybee Island Lighthouse art among the featured art on this page. I’ve done more than a few and needless to say most people who love Tybee Island are fans of the lighthouse. It’s pretty much a sentinel of the island that has stood over it for generations now.

Tybee Island Lighthouse - Starry Night Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale
Tybee Island Lighthouse – Starry Night Canvas Print
Tybee Island Lighthouse - Georgia Coast Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Tybee Island Lighthouse Art Print

I hope you enjoyed the highlights from my Tybee art. I offer my work on a variety of products which you can find in my shop. Primarily people who have bought my work have purchased it as wall art. In that vein, my Tybee Island art is available as art prints ready for framing, canvas prints and metal prints. Canvas prints are a fairly traditional choice that arrive ready to hang. No trips to the buy a frame or pay someone to do it, just hang it straight out of the box. Metal wall art also arrives ready to hang and is a more contemporary decorating choice. By far my Tybee prints have more commonly been purchased in either canvas or paper print formats.

You’ll also find work that I didn’t feature here or has become available since I last updated this page.

Mark Tisdale - The Artist Who Runs This Site
The Artist Behind The Curtains

How Can I Help?

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with an individual when you purchase prints and other products from my site. It’s not a corporation. There’s not an army of marketing people, etc. The same guy who tracks your order and answers your emails is also the person whose art you’re considering purchasing.

You are not a number and I care that you are happy with whatever art you might buy here. I’m here if you’d like to ask questions before or after. And I’m also happy to work with you where possible to customize the work you’re purchasing. Maybe you’d like a tweak to the shape of a print to fit in with your existing wall art. Or you’d like to add a little nod to someone special in it? Just ask! I also keep a running list of subjects I don’t currently have but people are seeking. So if you enjoy the style of my work but didn’t find quite what you were looking for, please do let me know.

I’ve been an artist for 15 years now and most of that time it’s been my full-time passion. And it matters to both the endorphins in my brain and the food I put on the table that you find the experience of purchasing from me to be a pleasure.