Tybee Island Sunrise Art by Georgia Artist Mark Tisdale
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Tybee Island Sunrise Art


This latest artwork features a beautiful Tybee Island sunrise. Life has thrown some curveballs recently and I very much wanted to do something that featured a place here in Georgia for which I have fond memories. And most of all, I wanted to create something that possessed a bit of sweet serenity. If you’ve been to the beach on Tybee Island then you well know how beautiful it is regardless of the time of the day, but I love sunsets and sunrises the most. Especially a pretty one over the water where the sky and clouds create a great show. In this case, I got to paint the sky as I wanted it full of beautiful pink clouds and bits of blue, almost cotton candy like. And of course those clouds are reflected in the ocean and on the waves coming onto the beach.

Tybee Island Sunrise Art by Georgia Artist Mark Tisdale
Sunrise Over The Pier

The Tybee Island pier is depicted in silhouette against the brilliant sunrise skies. Doing this art was therapeutic but I feel a mixture of calm and joy when I look at it. How about you?

The original Tybee Island pier and pavilion were built by the railroad in the 1880’s, but the current one is comparably modern – built in 1996. And to say there’s a cinematic quality to the location is not an exaggeration. Film Savannah lists multiple films that include scenes filmed there including the Baywatch movie.

Basically what I like about this Tybee Island sunrise art though is that I can put myself there. I think I would feel that sense of being there even if I had never been to Tybee. Having been there just makes the connection even stronger. When I see this I can feel the morning breeze off the ocean and I can feel the combination of the cool air and the warm light.

How about you? How does this Tybee art make you feel? Does it remind you of a visit to Tybee or does it just calm you and soothe the nerves? I hope you’ll pause to respond in the comments or you can always send a message if you would prefer to respond or ask questions individually.

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