Blue Volkswagen Beetle Artwork by Mark Tisdale
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Volkswagen Beetle Artwork – A Trip Down Memory Lane


I don’t think there’s any doubt that the things that happen to us during childhood have lasting impact. From traumas to tender moments, they shape our lives and interests. On that point, there’s no question that my Volkswagen Beetle artwork here is evidence of happy childhood memories.

Blue Volkswagen Beetle Artwork by Mark Tisdale
Your Chariot Awaits – Classic VW Beetle

When I was young and impressionable, I had a classic blue Volkswagen beetle toy. In my imagination it went everywhere. In reality, it’s little plastic wheels were worn off by the time it finally vanished into the void where so many childhood toys end. I don’t know what happened to it but in my mind, it eventually came to rest under a pile of leaves in some corner of the yard. It was well-loved but deserved the rest. Because that old toy was blue, it was a certainty that I would eventually have a classic blue volkswagen beetle artwork among my pieces. And that’s also why I wanted this particular print to emphasize the fun side of life. Bright colors at night outside of a classic 50’s diner. There’s so much happiness and optimism in this piece for me that I smile every time I look at it!  Does it remind you of childhood memories? Or maybe of summer nights in your adulthood?

Mexico - Blue Volkswagen Beetle Artwork
Classic Blue Volkswagen On The Streets of Mexico

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few echoes of childhood surfaced when I spotted this little gem on the streets of Mexico in Mérida some years back. This is actually one of the older pieces of Volkswagen Beetle artwork that you’ll find in my body of work. At the time of that 2007 visit, I was simply vacationing in one of my favorite destinations. Among other things, I love the colorful abandon in Mexico. But I also love that classic Volkswagen Beetles have remained plentiful there. The last VW beetle rolled off the assembly lines in Mexico in 2003. So this blue beauty might not have been so old as one might expect! Whatever the case, I loved the vibrant blue and the little heart on the windshield along with the colorful backdrop for which Mexico excels.

Classic Yellow Volkswagen Beetle artwork by Mark Tisdale
Ready To Go – Vintage Bug

And above you have my latest piece of vintage Volkswagen Beetle artwork. For anyone who knows of my love of the classic Transformers, seeing this among my work is probably no surprise. The character Bumblebee who transformed into a vintage bug was definitely a friend of mine. I don’t know what it was about the show or the characters that spoke to me but it the influence ran deep to the point that many of my friendships were with people I met thanks to Bumblebee and the other Transformers. Am I geeky enough for you? Ha! Although I was definitely thinking of toys when I made this, I think it’s a joyful yellow print that appeals to people both young and young at heart, do you agree?

I’d love to hear what speaks to you in this small collection of Volkswagen Beetle artwork as well as what drew you to this classic car?

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