Auburn Print Featuring Toomer's Corner In The Rain
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Of These Auburn Prints, Which Is The One For You?


As the year is fast drawing to a close, I think it’s safe to say that my Auburn prints have been the most popular this year.

For some of you that may be not surprise. After all, I think the larger proportion of my new followers are people who share a common connection with Auburn University. But as an artist, I can tell you that any given year, I create work I love that may or may not immediately connect with an audience. Every so often new art is an immediate success, but most of the time, it’s a matter of people gradually stumbling over a given piece of art and finding it speaks to them. The how and why is often a mystery to me. The favorite thing about my life as an artist is doing work I love, but why people fall in love with certain pieces is sometimes a completely mystery.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to pose the question you see in the subject, of these Auburn prints, which is the one for you? And more importantly, why does that particular print mean the most to you? Of course, some of you haven’t felt constrained to just one choice among my Auburn prints!

For those of you who haven’t gotten one yet, I’d still love to hear which one is your first pick as well!

Without further ado, these are the Auburn prints that connected most with print buyers this year:

Auburn Print Featuring Toomer's Corner In The Rain
Toomer’s In the Rain
Auburn Print - The Flush AKA Barker's Sani-Freeze
The Flush
Memories Of Auburn
A Night To Remember
Auburn Prints - Love on Toomer's Corner
Spirit Of Auburn

Spirit Of Auburn

I know I’m not the only artist out there reminiscing about Auburn. Yet I recently had one Facebook review that read “His Auburn prints are a must have for fans that love Auburn as much as I do!” For those of you who feel the same, I would love to hear not just your choice but I’d like to know how these Auburn prints make you feel?

Feel free to was poetic with any anecdotes from your time at Auburn that help explain your choice.

For those who have stumbled down the rabbit hole and are now curious to see my work, you can find all the Auburn Prints mentioned here are available on my site.

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