New York City Photo - from the water looking at the Manhattan Skylne
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New York Skyline – Art Prints


Despite taking so long to finally visit the largest city in my own country, it was well worth the visit! Five nights in New York could barely be described as brushing the surface, but I feel like I got some really wonderful photos out of it and would happily repeat the experience.

The skyline in New York is fairly amazing. I think it’s the sheer density that the isle of Manhattan requires for so many people to live and work there. The large buildings stand shoulder to shoulder in a way that at times almost appears to be a computer generated image.

New York City Photo - from the water looking at the Manhattan Skylne
Lower Manhattan Waterfront – Print

Take the above picture for instance, this is a view of the southwest end of Manhattan. This is the general area where ferries leave bound for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The view in this photos is fantastic and it feels very much like CGI developed for the latest and greatest video game. My understanding is that portions of this end of the island are in fact man made, formed on rubble from the digging of the original world trade center towers. I was lucky enough to have some wonderful clouds on the day of my boat tour!  It really helps add a depth to the whole scene in these photos.

East River photo of Manhattan's Financial District in New York City
Take The Ferry – Manhattan Print

This picture is another view of the southern end of Manhattan. However, this photo is from the eastern side of the Island. The jumble of large towers is no less impressive here. A lot of this end of the island where the massive towers reside, is the financial district. On the edge of the island, you can see two ferry ports, the one on the left is the Staten Island Ferry, where free ferry rides frequently go to Staten Island, a great cheap way to see the statue of liberty from the water! There’s a lot of ferry traffic around Manhattan!

Dusk Picture of the fabulous New York City Skyline
All That Glitters is Gold – Skyine Print

In my opinion, though, the best views of the New York skyline are at night! There’s just something magical about all those city lights! This skyline picture is a long exposure view from Rockefeller Center’s observation deck. The visit was well timed for dusk, which is all in all a popular time of course. There’s debate over whether the view from the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building is best. I didn’t have equivalent weather conditions to compare the two, but there’s no denying, you can’t see the spire of the Empire State Building from the Empire State Building, so Top of the Rock is a must see view! In this photo, we are looking south to the canyons of towers on Manhattan. The Empire State Building is prominent and the blue lighting on this night echoes the sky. To the right in the photo, the bright patch of lights is the famous Times Square where the ball drops on New Years Eve each year!

Photo for the New York City Skyline - golden lights and the Empire State Building
View From The Top – New York City Print

I try not to duplicate too much in these spotlight posts, but I have two shots from the Top of The Rock that I really like so I felt obligated to share them both. This view is a bit less of the skyline but is a much closer look of the densely packed buildings and the Empire State building really is front and center in this shot. This art deco masterpiece pictured was the world’s tallest building for more than 40 years.

Dusk Picture of the Chrysler Builidng and the NYC skyline - vintage coloring
New York Nights – Print

I did not get to see the view from the Empire State Building on a particularly clear night but it was still amazing to be so high above the city!  The picture in this print includes the famous Chrysler Building, which is also rich in Art Deco style! Those lights at the top of the tower in this photo would be recognizable to many around the world. This picture felt timeless to me, so I decided to work at replicating a feel of vintage coloring. My initial attempt included dust and scratches, but I ultimately decided to go with the vintage color alone rather than a worn feeling. I wanted this to feel like a well loved and preserved image from decades ago.

If you enjoyed this taste of my pictures from New York City, I hope you’ll check out more photos in my portfolio.

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