Cornwall Photo - Surfer heading out into the waters of Newquay
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Newquay Surfer Prints


Newquay is a an awesome little coastal town in Cornwall.  There has been human activity here since prehistoric times and a fishing village as far back as medieval times.  It’s lovely location and accessible sandy beaches have made it a tourist destination in Britain for more than a century now.  In more recent times, it’s become a favorite of surfers.  The official population of Newquay is around 22,000 people, but in the summer it can grow to more than 100,000!  Even during my visit in September, on a decent afternoon, the water was crowded with surfers.

Cornwall Photo - Surfer heading out into the waters of Newquay
Moment in The Sun – Newquay Surf Print

My first exposure to surfing was on a drive up Highway 1 in California several years ago.  I spent hours watching and photographing surfers paddling out, getting up on their boards and trying to get that perfect balance that allows them to ride the waves back to shore.  It’s really incredible and although I’m not sure you’d ever find me trying it, I definitely understand the zen of it now.   There wasn’t any great wave action while I was in Newquay, but there was awesome light and plenty of surfers to capture with my camera. I really enjoyed taking photos of them going out and contemplating the waves like in the picture above.

Cornwall Picture - Surfers on the beach at Nequay
Surfing Zen – Newquay Print

Another photo of the beach at Newquay – with only the little bit of ocean visible, you can see how crowded the water is even in the shoulder season.  Two of the surfers are contemplating the sea before them.  The light that afternoon was really special as you can tell.  The sky is a mix of blue and pink from the sun low in the sky.  But the wet beach has become exceptionally reflective of the whole scene.  Would love to go here again when the waves were really up!

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  1. Nancy Jenkins says:

    I always love the way the ocean water catches light, color and reflection! So gold in Moment in the Sun! Both of these photos give such a feeling of being there; sounds included!
    Amazing how the ocean, being noisy, gives one such a peaceful atmosphere.

    1. Thanks Nancy! Even if the beach isn’t quiet, it’s full of merrymakers! So it’s just a happy place! At least that’s the atmosphere I think about. I really would like to see some more beaches soon!

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