Mérida - Mexican Streets Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Mexican Streets – Mérida Art Print

In most places, I would go out of my way to frame a street scene to exclude the power lines. But for anyone who’s been there, there’s something about Mexican streets that would seem alien without electrical wires crisscrossing the … Read More

Mexico City Streets - colorful art by Mark Tisdale
Mexico City Streets – Colorful Art Print

It’s been several years since I was there but I will never forget the buzz of life on Mexico City streets. There seemed to be a near-constant rhythm of life there. The only city I’ve seen so far that I … Read More

Chichen Itza Pyramid Print by Mark Tisdale - Mayan Temple
Chichen Itza Pyramid – Mayan Temple Art Print

This Chichen Itza pyramid is undoubtedly one of the most well known of the Mayan temples and virtually synonymous with a visit to the Yucatan peninsula. No doubt, most visitors to this part of Mexico probably turn up at the … Read More

Mayan Adventure Art Print - Palenque Ruins print by Mark Tisdale
Mayan Adventure Art Print – Palenque Ruins

The inspiration from art can sometimes come from unexpected places. During my own Mayan adventure at Palenque, I was photographing the ruins of the Temple of the Inscriptions. In fact, I had just finished when this young adventurer appeared out … Read More

Ornate Wooden Doors in Mexico - Print by Mark Tisdale
Ornate Wooden Doors – Mérida Mexico Art

It was on my second trip to Mérida that I really became aware of the variety of ornate wooden doors there. In part, I think it was because on that first trip, the city was novel. Every colorful street revealed … Read More

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