Luxor Temple Ruins - Egypt Print by Mark Tisdale
Luxor Temple Ruins – Ancient Egypt Art Print

It’s mind boggling how much truly ancient history stands on the streets of modern Egypt. Never mind the treasures that may still lie beneath the desert sands waiting to be discovered. By the time we reached Luxor, we had seen … Read More

Streets of an Egyptian Village - Daraw - Egypt Print by Mark Tisdale
Egyptian Village Streets – Daraw Art Print

I will never forget visiting the Egyptian Village of Daraw seen in this print. Understandably, much of our visit through Egypt was crisscrossing the paths of so many tourists before us. It’s a taste of Egyptian life, but not the … Read More

Giza Pyramids - Second Pyramid on the Plateau - Egypt Print by Mark Tisdale
The Pyramids – Ancient Wonders Art Print

Seeing the great pyramids on the Giza plateau is truly like looking at a guidebook written in antiquity. When the ancient Greeks were listing the Seven Wonders of their world, the pyramids were already ancient marvels. And flash forward a … Read More

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