Streets of Colorful Granada Nicaragua - Pritn by Mark Tisdale
Colorful Granada Nicaragua Art

This street scene very much embodies my memories of colorful Granada, Nicaragua. Although far from an unknown city, I went in somewhat blindly. When I made plans to visit Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it was somewhat last minute and my … Read More

Fantasy Tree Art Print - Lake Nicaragua Print by Mark Tisdale
Fantasy Tree Art – Lake Nicaragua

There are some settings that are just magical by their very nature, and that’s how I would describe the location of this fantasy tree art on a little island in Lake Nicaragua. I will never forget the first time I … Read More

Old Ironsides at Sea - United States Naval Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Old Ironsides – USS Constitution

On my first day in Boston several years ago, there was no question that I was going to go stand in line for the chance to see Old Ironsides. Visiting the USS Constitution is as close to a trip to … Read More

Costa Rica Beach Sunset Print by Mark Tisdale
Costa Rica Beach Art – Pura Vida!

My wanders in Central America have so far been just a fleeting glance at the vibrant life there. But the memories of this particular Costa Rica beach are still strong years later. We were told this little slice of tropical … Read More

Old School Periodic Chart - Retro Style Print by artist Mark Tisdale
Old School Periodic Table

The inspiration for this retro style artwork was the periodic table on the chalkboard in my own school when I was growing up. Perchance, does it take you back to your own school days? Granted, it might help if you, … Read More

Brooklyn Bridge Art Print by Mark Tisdale - New York City Landmark
Brooklyn Bridge – New York City Landmark

I think there are some old landmarks that we fall in love with as much for the idea as the physical architecture. Granted, the Brooklyn Bridge is a great piece of architecture. Everything I’ve read suggests that it was way … Read More

Rustic Wooden Door - Granada Nicaragua Architecture Print by Mark Tisdale
Rustic Wood Door – Nicaragua Art

My eyes are always drawn to anything old and weathered and all the better when it’s in the midst of the brilliant colors of Latin America. So, you can imagine I had my eyes on this rustic wood door on … Read More

Cliffs of Moher - Irish Landscape Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Cliffs Of Moher – Irish Landscape

The only way to describe the Cliffs of Moher is magical. And chances are whether or not you’ve been to Ireland, you’ve seen this incredible landscape before. The Cliffs of Moher have been in multiple films. My personal favorite is … Read More

The Last Sea - Narnia Insipred Fantasy Art Print by Mark Tisdale
The Last Sea – Narnia Inspired Art

When I was growing up, one of my favorite book series was The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. The worlds and characters Lewis wrote about were incredibly real and vivid to me. It felt to me then as if … Read More

Old Fisherman's Wharf - Monterey California Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Old Fisherman’s Wharf – Monterey California

Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend wandering the coast from near Santa Cruz down to Monterey, California. That gorgeous coastline has stayed with me in my dreams every since. When the weekend drew to … Read More

Irish Landscapes - Classic Connemara Print by Mark Tisdale
Irish Landscape – Classic Connemara

I’m sure the image of a classic Irish landscape depends on the person. What places did you visit in Ireland? Or if you lived there, where did you call home? But from my month in Ireland, there’s no question that … Read More

Irish Seaside Art Print - Galway Waterfront by Mark Tisdale
Irish Seaside – Galway Art

During my stay in Ireland, I saw a good deal of the Irish seaside and it was invariably charming. From lonesome beaches and small villages to cities, I enjoyed them all. But if there’s one place that stands out in … Read More

British Pop Art - Phone Booth Print by Mark Tidale
British Pop Art – Telephone Box

This British pop art design features one of my favorite subjects! And anyone who has followed me for awhile would know that subject before they even saw the artwork. There’s just something about those classic British Telephone boxes. I think … Read More

Vintage Chicago Theatre - Rainy Night in 1949
Vintage Chicago Theatre – Rainy Night in 1949

I’ve said many times how much I love the vintage flair of the old movie palaces like the Chicago Theatre seen here. There’s just such a cool escapist style to those old theaters. They were experiences unto themselves! Going to … Read More

Classic Black Cab on Tower Bridge in London - Print by Mark Tisdale
Classic Black Cab On London’s Tower Bridge

London seems to be a city built on icons. Some are truly ancient, but in the scheme of things, some like the black cab, are basically contemporary. What makes that ironic is that the classic black cab of the 20th … Read More

Statue Of LIberty - New York City Landmark Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Statue Of Liberty – New York City Landmark

If you’ve ever been to New York City, there’s little doubt you took the time to visit one of its most famous citizens, the Statue of Liberty. Rising out of the waters of the harbor, she’s a most majestic sight … Read More

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