Toomer's Corner Art Print - An Auburn Tradition - Print by Mark Tisdale
Toomer’s Corner – An Auburn Tradition

I think every historic college town seems to have its own special traditions. For those of us who have attended Auburn University or simply lived there, I think Toomer’s Corner would definitely qualify. Toomer’s Corner is both a local landmark and … Read More

Classic 1957 Chevy Tail Fin Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Classic 57 Chevy Tail Fin Art

When it comes to classic cars, there’s no question that a 57 Chevy is something of a holy grail. Those dramatic tail fins are absolutely a part of Americana. Those fins speak of the jet age and the boundless optimism … Read More

Classic Streetcar  - Savannah Georgia Trolley Print by Mark Tisdale
Classic Streetcar Art – Savannah Georgia

I can’t put my finger on why, but I love the sight of a classic streetcar rolling down the street. Bonus points if the street in question happens to be paved in cobblestones. And to top it off, the streetcar … Read More

Colorful Birmingham Skyline - Alabama Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Colorful Birmingham Skyline – Alabama Art

When I was designing this Birmingham Skyline art, I wanted it to be more than a nod to the gleaming skyscrapers. That’s just part of the story of Birmingham. This is a skyline that is populated with both skyscrapers and … Read More

1955 Chevy Truck & Old Red Barn Farm Art Print
1955 Chevy Truck – Farm Tales

There’s just something about classic cars and trucks like the 1955 Chevy Truck in this farmyard scene. Is it simply a sense of fondness for the past or was there something truly special and unique about the design sense back … Read More

Majestic Diner - Atlanta Landmark Print by Mark Tisdale
The Majestic Diner – Atlanta Landmark Art

Even if you’ve never eaten at the Majestic Diner in Atlanta, there’s something about Art Deco architecture that’s likely to bring an unconscious smile to your face. And I think that’s particularly true about Streamline Moderne, of which the Majestic … Read More

Historic Tybee Lighthouse Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Historic Tybee Lighthouse – Coastal Architecture

There’s no doubt that one of the highlights of my first visit to the Savannah area were my multiple visits to see historic Tybee Lighthouse. Lighthouses in general are beautiful art subjects. In fact, most people would say there’s something … Read More

Hay House - Macon Georgia Art Print by local artist Mark Tisdale
Hay House – Historic Macon Georgia Art

Hay House is sometimes called the Palace of The South, and certainly it is palatial in design, wouldn’t you agree? This gorgeous piece of historic Macon, Georgia, was built by William Butler Johnston for his wife Anne. The couple honeymooned … Read More

Sun Studio - Memphis Tennessee Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Sun Studio – Memphis Art Print

Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, is simply one of those places that’s reached a sort of legendary or mythical status. For people who love music, especially music of the mid 20th century, seeing Sun Studio in person must surely be … Read More

Nu-Way Weiners Sign - Macon Georgia Landmark Print by Mark Tisdale
Nu-Way Weiners – Macon Georgia Landmark Art

There’s no question that Nu-Way Weiners on Cotton Avenue in downtown Macon, Georgia is a local landmark. The fact is it probably should be considered something of a national one. It was founded in 1916, the same years as Nathan’s … Read More

Cockspur Island Lighthouse Art Print by Georgia Artist Mark Tisdale
Cockspur Island Lighthouse – Coastal Georgia Art

There’s simply something dreamy about this rendition of the beautiful little lighthouse on Cockspur Island off the coast between Savannah and Tybee Island. Shimmering blue waters reflect the historic lighthouse and that amazing sky above. If you love nautical art … Read More

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua - Classic Beach Sunset Print by Mark Tisdale
Classic Sunset Beach Scene – Nicaragua

This classic sunset beach scene will always have a special place in my heart. It was during my brief travels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that the idea of following my heart really coalesced in my head. And it was … Read More

Lake Nicaragua Sunset - Tropical Artwork Print by Mark Tisdale
Lake Nicaragua – Tropical Sunset Art

A lot of my time in Central America was spent on or near Lake Nicaragua. Since it’s such a large body of water, it’s not really such a big surprise that a lot of communities are located near Lake Nicaragua. … Read More

Mayan Serpent - Chichen Itza Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Ancient Mayan Serpent – Chichen Itza

If you’ve explored many of the ancient ruins in the Yucatan region, you’ve likely encountered a variety of Mayan serpents. This motif is carried beyond just the temples to Kukulkan. This particular Mayan Serpent, for example, is from the edge … Read More

Driftwood On The Beach - Friends Relaxing at sunset - Print by Mark Tisdale
Driftwood On The Beach – Costa Rica

The moment we arrived on the sands at Playa Hermosa on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, I spotted this beautiful peace of driftwood on the beach. I loved the undulating shape of the driftwood and how it felt as … Read More

London Phone Box Art Print by Mark Tisdale
London Phone Box Art – Big Ben At Night

This London phone box art print is a colorful reminder of London featuring both a classic British red telephone box as well as “Big Ben” rising into the night sky. Anyone who follows my work should know that I have … Read More

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