Charlotte in Georgia

I took the photograph of the house to be framed and the young lady who helped me choose the mats and frame was so taken with the photography that she asked for your name so she could see more on the web. If you … Read More

Marsha in Florida

DeAnn just called me so very excited, she received the picture. She thinks it’s just beautiful. Thank you so much and I’m sure you will be hearing from her too.

Christopher in New York

Received the print today! It’s gorgeous! I really can’t thank you enough. I’ll frame it and hang it in my apartment in NYC as soon as I get back.

Jon in Georgia

I just concluded my ordering of 11 metal prints of your Atlanta images. Thanks for your help and artistic talents!

Bernard in New York

I just dropped it off at the framing shop on Friday and had a look at it…. it’s absolutely beautiful. I purchased it to replace a painting of Paris and to be honest the way that you have captured Dublin on the river at … Read More

Erin in Georgia

Just wanted to let you know, for Christmas, my sister got me a GIANT photo from you of the mountains and sheep in Connemara (Ireland). It is really beautiful and I love it. Gotta have it matted and framed next.

Brie in Utah

The Lighting in this print is stunning! Thank you!

Dublin Nights - Temple Bar Print From In Front of The Quays Bar
Dublin Nights – Temple Bar Stroll

I know you are all thinking, well, hello stranger! I kept thinking I would get to post an update that I was done with the never-ending transition to my new print gallery site, but that is a story for another day. I realized the … Read More

Rustic Union Jack Flag Design
UK Print Partner & Other News

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things have a way of working themselves out? In my last update, I mentioned that I was in the process of migrating my main print partner away from the Zenfolio based site that I had used for the … Read More

Winter Night art print of Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo
What It Means to Be an Artist

Why do some photographers not consider themselves artists? This is seriously a question that haunts me some days. If I had a nickle for every time I encountered a photographer in various art forums who wanted to be strictly styled as a photographer rather … Read More

Easter Themed Canvas Print Sale
Special Promotions And A Note About Prices

I have been busy the past month or so but first off, I wanted to bring my Easter Themed special promotions to your attention. You all know I don’t often do promotions like this but a gentle nudge from a friend reminded me that … Read More

Paris In The Rain Art Throw Pillow
The Price Of Art Merchandise

This is a subject for both the art-lovers and the art-makers out there. It’s a topic which I’d say I ruminate on at least annually, and that’s whether or not to offer art merchandise in addition to prints. Once upon a time, I was … Read More

The Sacred World - Surreal Art by Mark Tisdale
The Sacred World – New Surreal Art

I’m sure there are many old friends out there who would be a bit surprised to see me wander down the woodland path towards fantasy and surreal art. Even though my artwork often has a bit of a fanciful air to it, my images … Read More

2014 Calendars by Mark Tisdale
Custom 2014 Calendars On Request

Do you ever have the best of intentions and find time slipping between your fingers? I know I do! And for me, reminding people about calendars always slips through until I suddenly look at the calendar and it’s December already! So, I’m doing good … Read More

New eBook Cover Design

A few months ago,  I posted about Charlotte Moore’s Deep South Dead, which used my eBook cover design. I’m happy to report that Ms. Moore felt that first design was successful enough to warrant using my services a second time. And yes, the second … Read More

Phone Cases For Your Iphone Avaiilable
A Curious Case – Bring Your Creative Spirit

I was very excited recently to discover that the folks behind Fine Art America are expanding their product range. And first out of the gate is the addition of phone cases! If you’d like more information about their new direction, you can find the … Read More

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