Forsyth Park - Savannanh Fountain Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Forsyth Park – Savannah Fountain

It’s funny how a piece of art can find its own path as this Forsyth Park artwork did. When I first envisioned this rainy artwork, I thought there would be a small figure or two nearer the famous Victorian fountain. … Read More

Atlanta Varsity -Colorful Vintage Midtown Artwork
Atlanta Varsity – Vintage Midtown Art

The Atlanta Varsity is a landmark just by virtue of its existence. After all, it’s been part of Atlanta’s midtown since the 1920’s. In its original location on Luckie Street it was known as the Yellow Jacket. And yes, the … Read More

Galway Waterfront Artwork - Classic Ireland Print by Mark Tisdale
Classic Galway Waterfront Art

When I think of Classic Galway, this is the waterfront scene that springs to mind. And if you take a wander through my Galway City art, you’ll quickly see that I must have spent a lot of time down there … Read More

1956 Classic Chevy Bel Air Artwork - Print by Mark Tisdale
Classic Chevy Art – 1956 America

There’s just something about a classic Chevy like this 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. The shape of them.. it’s all so filled with mid-century optimism and design sense. And it probably doesn’t hurt that I grew up hearing tales about the … Read More

Denny Chimes Painting - University of Alabama Print by Mark Tisdale
Denny Chimes – University Of Alabama Art

One of my favorite things as more people come to know about my work is getting requests, and one of those recent frequent requests was for an art print of the Denny Chimes. The Denny Chimes have been a fixture … Read More

St. Simons Island Artwork - Lighthouse Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
St. Simons Island Artwork – The Lighthouse

Georgia’s historic coast is home to some magical destinations as this St. Simons Island Artwork can demonstrate. The old lighthouse on St. Simons Island is not only historic, it’s a beautiful sight to see rising over the tree canopy. The … Read More

Atlanta Fox Theatre Sign Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Fox Theatre Sign – Atlanta Art

I was in High School the first time I saw the beautiful Fox Theatre sign over Peacthree Street in Atlanta. I didn’t live particularly near Atlanta but we had gone on a winter field trip to see Cats. Sometimes it … Read More

Auburn In The Rain - Toomer's Corner Art Print
Auburn In The Rain – Toomer’s Art

Auburn has been a favorite subject for my art lately. In good part, I suspect that’s nostalgia driven. We often hit moments in life where it’s easier to live in the past than the present and even when that’s not … Read More

Savannah Theatre Neon Sign Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Savannah Theatre In The Rain – Art Print

I have to admit that I did not know the full history of the Savannah Theatre when I started on this particular artwork. I simply loved the old art deco style and the big neon sign that proclaimed Savannah in … Read More

Elvis Inspired 1950s Pink Cadillac Print by Mark Tisdale
Pink Cadillac – Elvis Inspired Art

In the 1950’s there seemed to be one car that rising stars got to signal they had arrived, and it was the now-classic Cadillac. And there’s probably none that remains as famous as Elvis’ pink Cadillac. And as any Elvis … Read More

Desiderata Poem Print - Inspirational Art Design by Mark Tisdale
Desiderata Poem Print – Inspirational Art

This Desiderata Poem print was something of an artistic challenge for me. If you wander through my collection of photos and other artwork, you won’t find much in the way of word-art or poems superimposed over photos. For me, the … Read More

Dublin Pub Art  by Mark Tisdale - International Bar In The Rain
Dublin Pub Art – Dublin In The Rain

This piece of Dublin pub art was truly an exercise in enjoying color! The colorful lights at night in Dublin seem to practically run in the rain in this scene from outside the International Bar. The rainy night shows a … Read More

Little Red Cottage Style Artwork by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Red Cottage Art Print

There’s something special about cozy homes like this little red cottage on a side street in my hometown of Montezuma, Georgia. Growing up, I remember seeing a lot more of these simple little houses. Despite how simple they were, they … Read More

St Simons Lighthouse Art Print - Georgia Coast Art by Mark Tisdale
St Simons Lighthouse Art Print

St Simons Lighthouse is one of those postcard-perfect places on the Georgia coast. It’s such a beautiful setting that apparently some people don’t want to leave! Like any proper old place in the south, St Simons Lighthouse has tales of … Read More

Alabama Theatre At Night - Historic Birmingham Art
Alabama Theatre At Night – Birmingham Art

I’m always thrilled when I come across a classic Movie Palace that has survived the wrecking ball or simply neglect. The Alabama Theatre is certainly a survivor. When this piece of Historic Birmingham was built in the 1920s, movie theaters … Read More

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