Fox Theatre - Rainy Atlanta Artwork by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Fox Theatre – Rainy Atlanta Art

Although it’s quite new, this Fox Theatre art print may be my favorite of this Atlanta venue. And if you wander through my Atlanta artwork, you’ll see that the old Fox is a subject near and dear to me. And … Read More

Simpler Times Country Store Print by Mark Tisdale
Simpler Times – The Country Store

In some way I think many of us long for simpler times. Now, I’m the very first to acknowledge that the past is looked at through rose colored glasses. Every period in history has its challenges. When we look at … Read More

Autumn Abstract Painting - Appalachian Fall Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Autumn Abstract Painting – Appalachian Fall

This autumn abstract painting was very much inspired by my memories of living just north of Atlanta but an easy drive from the mountains of North Georgia. Without a doubt my favorite time of the year there was the fall … Read More

1969 Camaro Artwork - Classic Camaro Poster by Mark Tisdale
1969 Camaro Artwork – Classic Hugger Orange

This 1969 Camaro artwork is definitely a portrait of a classic. This Chevy classic is well up there among the ranks of American Muscle Cars. And there’s just something about that front end that is aggressive and cool. I’ve said … Read More

Colorful Abstract Landscape Painting by artist Mark Tisdale
Colorful Abstract Landscape Painting

I don’t know why but one of my favorite subjects has long been lone trees like the one in this colorful abstract landscape painting. It’s not just a subject I like to capture but one that captures my imagination when … Read More

1970 Chevelle Artwork - Classic Chevy Poster
1970 Chevelle Artwork – Classic Chevy

This 1970 Chevelle artwork captures the spirit of that classic Chevy muscle car. The Chevelle Super Sport was manufactured between model years 1964 to 1977, but the 1970 model year is something of the penultimate entry in the first generation … Read More

Bugatti Type 57 - Classic Car Art Print Print by Mark Tisdale
Bugatti Type 57 – Classic Car Art Print

The Bugatti Type 57 is one of those classic cars you have likely seen off and on over the years and even if you’re not a classic car buff, you took notice. It has one of those eye-grabbing classic designs … Read More

Shelby Cobra Race Car Art Print by artist Mark Tisdale
Shelby Cobra – Race Car Art

This Shelby Cobra race car art print is all about capturing the feeling of being in motion. The city lights are a blur of color in the background. The result is very eye-catching, don’t you agree? It feels as if … Read More

Scenic Country Art - Crossroads Store - Crisp County Georgia Print by Local artist Mark Tisdale
Scenic Country Art – Crossroads Store

This scenic country art depicts a place in rural Georgia that I didn’t personally know the history of when I stumbled across it. In fact, I wasn’t even one hundred percent sure it was the Crossroads Store despite the fact … Read More

Evening In Paris Painting - Metro Sign Print by Mark Tisdale
Evening In Paris Painting

Paris is one of those places that’s simply gorgeous, but I think evening in Paris is especially so and was the inspiration fro this painting. The dusk skies and the glowing Paris Metro sign say Parisian to me. They speak … Read More

Air Force Painting - Patriotic Art Print
Air Force Painting – Patriotic Art

I created this unique Air Force painting near July 4th of 2016. The inspiration for it was a photo taken by Tech. Sgt. Christopher Boitz. The original US Air Force photo showed an F-16 fighter jet during an Thunderbirds Air … Read More

Bible Verse Art - Psalm 118:24 - Print by Mark Tisdale
Bible Verse Art – Psalm 118:24

This Bible verse art was the result of a request for an art print featuring this particular psalm which I thought contained a lovely carpe diem message. The Bible verse this customer wanted depicted for this Christian art print was … Read More

Old Red Truck Art Print with bold Autumn Colors by Mark Tisdale
Red Truck Art – Timeless Autumn Colors

The inspiration for this old red truck art print came from a simple desire to do something fun! I had recently shared another autumn themed print I did a few years ago that included nothing but the golden canopy of … Read More

Rustic Farmhouse Art - Grandma's Cottage Print by Mark Tisdale
Rustic Farmhouse Art – Grandma’s Cottage

This particular piece of rustic farmhouse art has a small special detail that makes it incredibly sentimental to me. The figure in the doorway is intended to be my grandmother. Among the stacks of old family photos is one my … Read More

Six Pence Pub - Savannah Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Six Pence Pub – Savannah Art

The inspiration for this rain soaked artwork was the landmark Six Pence Pub on Bull Street in Historic Savannah. Although it’s no secret I love Savannah and I love all things British, I have to admit the thing that most … Read More

Fishing Boat Art - Gold and Blue Sunrise Print by Mark Tisdale
Fishing Boat Art – Dawn On The Water

There’s something about the solitude of dawn in this fishing boat art that speaks to me. Even though I have never been an avid fisherman, I often find myself beside the water at dawn to capture the sunrise. That wasn’t … Read More

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