Pecks Ledge Light - Historic Connecticut Lighthouse Art by Mark Tisdale
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Pecks Ledge Light – Historic Connecticut Lighthouse Art


This historic Connecticut lighthouse art features Pecks Ledge Light near Norwalk. As a lot of my followers know, I love lighthouses so it’s great when people make suggestions of lighthouses that have special significance to them or they simply think is a particularly beautiful subject. When I went on a hunt for images of Pecks Ledge Light that I would be allowed to use as a reference, I was instantly attracted to old photos that showed it as the lighthouse looked historically. Specifically I used this black and white photo from 1906 that showed the sparkplug style lighthouse when it was new. If you’ve visited Pecks Ledge Light or seen more recent photos of it, the most noticeable difference is that today the circular deck no longer has a roof covering it.

Pecks Ledge Light - Before And After
Before And After

The vintage photo of this historic Connecticut lighthouse otherwise bears little resemblance to the starting point. For some reason when I saw this particular lighthouse, I imagined it on a rainy night with a warm golden glow emanating not just from the beacon at the top but the other windows as well. It’s really pretty against the blues of the night time sky and sea isn’t it?

Here you can see just my lighthouse art itself.

Pecks Ledge Light - Historic Connecticut Lighthouse Art by Mark Tisdale

I would love to hear what you find eye catching about this Connecticut lighthouse art? Is it symbolic of something to you? Or do you love the romance of old lighthouses? Maybe Pecks Ledge Light itself is special to you and this stirs up memories? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or you can send a message if you’d prefer.

And a reminder that I also welcome your suggestions for lighthouse art you’d enjoy seeing me tackle in the future. I find most lighthouses inspiring! They are simply beautiful, don’t you agree?

If you’re interested in knowing what I’ve already done, you can see the available lighthouse art prints in my shop.

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  1. Susan OHare says:

    Hi Mark! I really love this lighthouse, and the rain makes it perfect! I am going to buy this print, but I have to wait. I live with my son and his family. They are going to buy a house next year, and so I want to wait to put it in my new room! If you know anything about moving, less is better! Lol! Keep up your great work! Sincerely, Sue OHare

    1. I haven’t moved a lot in my life, Susan, but I have just enough to know what you mean! I can’t blame you at all but I appreciate your interest in this print and hope things go well with your family’s plans to move!!

      So glad you like this one so much – thank you!

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