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1955 Chevy Truck – Farm Tales

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There’s just something about classic cars and trucks like the 1955 Chevy Truck in this farmyard scene. Is it simply a sense of fondness for the past or was there something truly special and unique about the design sense back then? I’ll leave you to make your own call on that but I sense there’s probably a little of both involved in our collective love of heritage cars and trucks.

For some of you, no doubt, there’s a personal connection to the subject that speaks to you. Did you once drive a 1955 Chevy Truck? Or maybe you have memories of a dad or grandpa who owned one of these old beauties?  For me, when I was looking for a subject for this farmyard scene, it really came down to the beautiful style of that old Chevy. I love how it seems to combine a sense of boxiness and yet it has great curves as well. It really speaks of mid-century Americana doesn’t it?

Typically when I’m working on a new piece of art, the color for the subject comes first, but in this case, I knew before I even began working on this that the old barn had to be red. That’s just as American as apple pie in our collective consciousness, you know? Knowing the bar was going to be red, blue for the truck seemed like a great complimentary color. Not to mention it’s one of my favorite colors! I don’t think I’m alone on that subject either.

The end result is that this 1955 Chevy truck and the farmyard scene that its set in has a really cool primary color theme. It’s a classic rustic scene that is eye-catching. I can picture it equally as part of an Americana decor scene as well as a child’s room. It just has that vibe that crosses over rather well from big kids to little ones, don’t you think?

If this old 1955 Chevy Truck and this colorful artwork caught your eyes, I’d love it if you took a few moments to share what it was that stood out for you!


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