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1970 Chevelle Artwork – Classic Chevy

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This 1970 Chevelle artwork captures the spirit of that classic Chevy muscle car. The Chevelle Super Sport was manufactured between model years 1964 to 1977, but the 1970 model year is something of the penultimate entry in the first generation of classic muscle cars. Even if you’re not an avid auto enthusiast, the 1970 Chevelle is a classic Chevy that still appears in motion pictures such as The Fast and the Furious and Jack Reacher. Never mind many appearances in the decades of films before that. The ’70 Chevelle Super Sport is an enduring icon of the muscle car era.

I have admitted before that I’m not as into the mechanical side of cars as the style of them. I can’t recite numbers, but the 1970 Chevelle was one I had multiple inquiries about. People wanted to know if I had done an art print of it or if I would. I always put these sorts of requests down in a list. There’s no order to when I tackle a given classic car or any other subject for that matter. A lot of it depends on inspiration, but once I looked up the Chevelle, I realized it was a car that I had seen over and over across the years and it definitely deserved the multiple requests.

The 1970 Chevelle Super Sport has a great aggressive stance with smooth lines and that was what I most wanted to feature in this artwork. I wanted it to feel almost as if it was going to leap off the paper when it was done. Almost like a caged tiger, don’t you think?

I hope you’ll stop to share your memories of this classic Chevy. What brought you here? Are you looking for a gift for a friend who loves classic muscle cars? Or maybe you have or had a ’70 Chevelle yourself and want a piece of classic car wall art for your home or office?


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