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Ancient Roman Baths of England – Historic Ruins Art

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It took several trips to Britain before I finally made it to Bath. And all that time I had wanted simply to see the ancient Roman Baths. There was something about them that had captured my imagination years before I had ever left my own country. I had seen Rome itself and much older ruins by the time I finally made it to Bath, but it didn’t take the edge off standing on the dge of that ancient thermal spa in the least. It was still as breath-taking as I had expected! And in the process I discovered what an incredibly beautiful city the rest of Bath is. Every since my one night in Bath, I’ve wanted to go back again to that beautiful Georgian city.

And in a strange way, this print of the Roman Baths echoes that beautiful city. All the architecture you’re seeing above the floor is contemporary. Well, contemporary in so much as it’s not from the days when the Romans bathed in their city of Aquae Sulis. It’s centuries old but in a place like England, that’s par for the course. The truly amazing part of the spa is that ancient green pool of water filled by hot springs that were sacred to the ancient Britons who called this place home before the Romans ever arrived. When the Romans conquered, they would combine their mythology with that of the locals. And so these Roman baths were dedicated to Sulis Minerva, a combination of the Celtic Briton and Roman mythos.

Standing there gazing at the steaming hot waters, you’re standing on stones the Romans laid and looking at engineering works of the Romans that ares till in use today. It doesn’t get much closer to staring at the ancient mists of time than this print of historic Bath.

Note: The City of Bath including the ancient roman construction seen in this print are a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. These Roman Baths are considered to be the most important Roman ruins north of the Alps.


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